Project Rusty AF - '74 Scout II

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    Well, I paid a pretty hefty tuition bill...

    As I was able to straighten (stretch) my individual pieces somewhat easily, I went ahead and fully welded the driver's rocker thinking I could use the same stretching technique. It shrunk pretty bad along the weld. So, I made a few anvils out of I-beam stock that would reach into the rocker and got to work with my linear-stretch hammer. No joy. Remember that sweet flange that I left inside the rocker to "control warpage"? Yeah, that flange was heated mightily with welding, warped, and was in a place where I couldn't do anything about it.

    Not wanting to concede, I put a 7" grinding wheel in my 4.5" grinder to try to remove the flange without having to cut open my newly welded rocker. The good news is that I did not win a Darwin Award (barely). Bad news is that I was injecting a ton more heat and warping it further.

    I ended up splitting it apart, spending a ton of time re-straightening it because I likely hardened it with all the abuse I put it through, welding it again, and re-re-straightening it post-welding.

    Executive summary: If you want to do it this way, DO NOT leave that flange. Make sure you have the ability to stretch your weld areas that will certainly shrink.

    Here is a pic of the passenger side that was not beaten to within an inch of it's life. It was only initially tacked before I figured out the better way.

    Rocker SM.jpg
    Now on to mounting the driver's side and building the uni-wedge. I spent some time doing some head-scratching. I think what I plan to do will work. The rub seems to be the angled bit between the floor and firewall-- specifically where/how it meets the wedge/floor support.

    Does anyone have any ideas on weep holes in the rocker? I was thinking at minimum below the vent in the cowl area and under the dog-legs. Maybe more near the bottom of the quarters. Size? I'd hate this ol' girl to turn into a wasp condominium. The good thing about this design is that the weep holes would go directly out of the truck.

    I was also thinking through what I might do if this rocker is too weak. As mentioned, I don't really want to do a full cage. I think I might be able to build a tube with flanges on either side (like a mini roll cage) that bolts to my uni-wedge and the step mount-- spanning A- to B-pillars, just inboard of the rocker and under the floor. If it ends up rusting out, a new one could probably be built and installed in a weekend.

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