Pontiac Iron Duke 151cid 2.5L 4-Cyl Fuel Injection?

Discussion in 'Injection Tech' started by Aphelion79, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Aphelion79

    Aphelion79 Farmall Cub

    Hey guys! I actually own a Heep and was browsing around on my normal forum to have one of your members point me in this direction to see if any of you know anything about getting my little 4-cyl to say TBI or MPI?

    Its a Pontiac Iron Duke 151 CID 2.5L 4-Cyl. with the Rochester Varijet II carb (2 bbl)...

    Yeah I know its not a scout, but if you guys have any info for me on that, it would be appreciated!

  2. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Well if I remember my boat mechanic days(Mercruiser, OMC)...they were the GM 4 cyl with the rochester 2 barrel on them. Same basic thing as the inline 6 cyl.

    Which means a manifold to TB adapter would be pretty easy.
    The distr options should be the same as the 6 only less lobes.
    If you have any distr with a magnetic pick up like an HEI, then you can make the GM system work.

    Take a look at the FAQ at the top. look thru each link there and also look at the other 4 cyl threads.

    Then if your not sure...ask away.

    Bottom line is the TBI would be fairly simple on the 151 with the right parts.
  3. Aphelion79

    Aphelion79 Farmall Cub

    I've found out that a few Chevy S10s run the Iron Duke 151 with fuel injection! I may be on to something... :)

    Mind you this is completely overwhelming for me... I understand completely how a lawn-mower engine works... and thus my stock 151... lol... add in the electronics.. and I'm like "WTF" lol

    This would be one hellova learning experience for me and I would LOVE to tackle this... but I really have no idea where in the heck to start!

    I just may be able to get an intake manifold from an S10 or at least the TBI body and wires/fab up a plate like I saw you did in the FAQ. It basically acts like a carburator, the TBI does right? I'm like really excited browsing through this stuff... :)

    I'm going to do some research on the chevy s10 some more and take a look through that... however, I am confused about the ignition... why couldn't I just use my stock distributor? Does the TBI upgrade computerize my ignition too? etc etc. :confused: :D :p :eek:
  4. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Transplanting the entire factory system is always the best way to go!!
    Let us know what you decide.
  5. Aphelion79

    Aphelion79 Farmall Cub

    Yeah I'm gonna call up the parts store today and get a part number for the Intake Manifold gaskets, if they're the same thing, guess what that means! :D

    Also, I could just take the whole freaking ignition setup and everything else too! lol I somehow feel like I'm cheating, compared to what you guys are doing lol
  6. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    What ever get the job done the quickest and cheapest!!!

    I can't see the systems being in high demand at the JY!!
    You might even find an old beater with a blown motor so you can transplant everything!!!

    Just watch for the newer systems that control the trannys and stuff. The electrical gets a lot more involved!!!

    The older systems are pretty basic with gas and spark!!! ;)
  7. Aphelion79

    Aphelion79 Farmall Cub

    I think you're the only one helping me with this, lol... anyway... got a new post on Jeep Forum with those numbers... they dont seem to do anything on google lol... then again I have no idea what I'm looking for anyway... :eek:

    The mechanical part of setting everything up is gonna be so simple I could do it blindfolded... its just this electrical/computer part that is gonna leave me clueless !! :confused:

    Sorry if I ask a lot of questions about that, it is so intimidating! I could like wrap my house up in the wires I pulled from that harness, lol
  8. Cartman

    Cartman Farmall Cub

    just goto the junkyard and get a complete engine harness and TBI unit from an S10..they are everywhere and I bet they are cheap..
  9. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    He pulled his system from a 1989(!) Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera.
    Heep build ;)

    The throttle body is the same style used on the Carls "Rock Scout"

    The ECM is a 1227748 which used card edge connectors vice the standard pin and socket connectors. It is also listed as an early P4 PCM-power train control module(engine/tranny) vice the ECM- engine control module that we use.

    The chip is still removeable on this one which is good, so you can tweak the chip!

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  10. Aphelion79

    Aphelion79 Farmall Cub

    Hey all again...
    I've got everything hooked up... everything is seeming to get power... except I've got no spark. I looked around and realized, what in the world is powering my ignition coil? Nothing, oh great! LOL OOPS... so my question to you all is, what can I wire that baby into?

    Check diagram:


    Starting at top left:
    ECM I
    10A... I have this wired into my OLD ignition switch positive wire... that USED to go to the old ignition coil... on a 10A fuse...

    A bit lower, just next to the FUEL INJECTOR
    20A... I have this wired onto the little post on my starter solenoid... on a 20A fuse...

    Back to the top, two more lines over:
    ECM B
    10A... I have this wired into my Alternator Post... on a 10A fuse...

    What can I use for my ignition coil power? Perhaps use the old ignition coil positive wire to trigger a relay... which, when the ignition turns on, gives current to the ECM I, and also the PINK wire (far right hand side on the "IGNITION COIL"?

    Reposting here Bill... just to annoy you... er, lol J/K :)
  11. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Tell ya the same thing I mentioned there.
    Read the wiring Thread listed in the FAQ!!!

    Same thing I told you the first day!
    Still applies.
  12. Aphelion79

    Aphelion79 Farmall Cub

    Bill... why is it that I always find the answer out of this same paragraph... but ONLY WHEN YOU SAY TO READ IT AGAIN... Perhaps it is because I'm just extremely paranoid of turning my Heep into a toaster oven? :p

    So for anyone else concerned with the wiring:
    I really do apologize... and I do apreciate the help and NOT spoon-feeding me the info on this stuff... (whatever your reasons for not doing so :D)
  13. Bill USN-1

    Bill USN-1 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I hope it helps.
    I spent a lot of time trying to make it as fool proof as i could.
    But I do miss things. So i try to add to it all the time.

    I find it easier to refer people to the original thread rather then trying to rewrite it each time. I tend to leave things out or start to assume people have already done something.

    If they go thru the entire thread then they are covered for 99% of the install.

    If someone ask something that is not in there...then i answer them and go back and add it for the next person.

    Not trying to make it hard on you...actually trying to make it easier...

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