Please help me identify my IH V8

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by BinderJoe, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. BinderJoe

    BinderJoe Farmall Cub

    After doing some searching I understand that the engine displacement stamp is supposed to be above the fuel pump on the block. Mine, however, is not. The Scout I just bought has what looks to be a rebuild or nos replacement engine, as it is painted black and looks fairly clean (definetly not from 1970). It has a large vacuum "tree" on the back of the intake with about 5 vacuum ports on it and what looks like a factory block off plate where the fuel pump goes. On the block where the engine id is supposed to be it's just got 3 large random numbers. Any ideas on what I might have?
  2. Bill Bennett

    Bill Bennett High Wheeler

    A picture would help. As you say it looks to be a replacement engine, the spec plate info may not relate to the engine. If the engine has a 4 bbl carb, it would most likely be the 345 or 392. The 2bbl carbs were on the 266, 304 and 345. But, the 2bbl 345 intake will swap onto the 392. What numbers are on the engine ID plate? Someone may recognize the code.
  3. scoutboy74

    scoutboy74 Y-Block King

    Measure the distance across the valley pan between the heads. Make note of where the coolant tubes exit the water pump into the engine. Do they enter the cylinder heads or the engine block?
  4. jeff campbell

    jeff campbell Lives in an IH Dealership

    also when they were rebuilt,the rebuilder would do away with the original # 's,why i have no clue.gotta block # ? drivers side above the oil pan will be a 1-1/2" long cast spot,an on the under side of it,will be the #'s,pointing down.( if thats what your talking about ) if the machined surface above the F.pump isn;t as long as most are,then it's the older 304, but as stated before ,measure the intake,266-304's are 7-1/2 " at the points of the intake where the heads meet.,& the 345/392's are 8-1/2 "..jeff ( if you have a valve cover off,get the head #'s an post them.)
  5. BinderJoe

    BinderJoe Farmall Cub

    I will have to try and find some numbers because this thing is sounding more different every time I read what you guys are saying. Above the fuel pump mounting area there is no machined flat surface; only a freeze plug. The only numbers I see in the area are stamped on the block just below the head mating surface. Here's a pic:
    As you can see the coolant pipes go into the heads. Also it is a four barrel.

    I will try to find some block numbers here in a bit...
  6. Tim Potter

    Tim Potter High Wheeler

    How about some pics of the complete engine.
    The number you are looking for is stamped into a boss that is partially concealed by the pass. side exhaust manufold. It's very hard to see. Once you find the correct surface you may be able to see the stamping with a mirror. Another very clever way is to press something like silly putty or play doe on the surface so that it makes an impression of the stamped numbers.
  7. BinderJoe

    BinderJoe Farmall Cub

    Ok, that pinpoints it a bit. I'll go check again.

    In the mean time, here's the block number. It's kind of hard to read.
    Also, this number is on the head where it hangs over the deck under the exhaust manifold.
    I measured across the bottom corners of the intake and it's a good 8.5". Looks like what was thought to be a 304 may be bigger...
  8. BinderJoe

    BinderJoe Farmall Cub

    BINGO!!! I found the right spot. Thanks Tim! Looks like I've got me a 345. Thats a nice surprise since it was sold to me as a 304.

    Thanks again guys!
  9. J.J.

    J.J. High Wheeler

    Not my picture, but shows the spot.


    JJ in TN

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