Parts Needed For The Gm Conversion

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    We are referring to the 88-91 GM TBI-Throttle body injection systems. The primary system being from a truck, van, or astro van with 4.3 or larger engines and using the 1227747 ECM. Pick the ECM used with the same numer of cylinders as your project. 4 cyl guys will just have to use the V6 ECM. If you do get the 4.3 V-6 ECM for your V8, you will need to replace both chips in it with the V-8 chips.
    If you need to look up which bin you have, see the Broadcast code(BCC) look up file attached below.
    The V8 limphome/netres chip/Calpack is marked 16060837. Order part number 16060836.
    The V6 netres part number is 16051637.
    The number on the chip that I had is 1 number different due to it being sold in the plastic carrier!!!

    GM PART # 16060836
    CATEGORY: Emission Control System Hardware
    PACK QTY: 1 CORE CHARGE: $0.00
    GM LIST: $21.07
    OUR PRICE: $10.54

    You may find some 87's and some 92's with the same system so look close.
    As a secondary you can use the 1228746 computer from the cars but will require an IAT sensor and a different chip than the 7747.
    If you are pulling the system yourself then pull everything off the motor that the harness is attached to! You can throw the unneeded parts away later.

    Basic system:
    1. Computer- better known as the ECM-engine control module. 1227747 or 1228746 You will need someone to program a chip for you to optimize the computer to your engine.
    You will need the 3 or 4 letter BCC-broad cast code.


    2. Throttle body- TB- The 2.8l with 1 3/8 bore is ~240CFM, the 4.3, 5.0 and 5.7 TB's are all the same ~500 CFM with 1 11/16" bores. The injectors are different sizes.
    The 454 is larger with 2" bores and near 700CFM.
    I would recommend a TB from about the same size engine or larger. 304/345 use 5.0/5.7. If you run a cam/springs and headers then maybe the 454 TB. 392 can use the 350 or 454 TB.
    Our motors turn so slow that you can actually tune a 345 to the 305 system.

    If you perform the adjustable regulator mod further down in the FAQs, you can bump the fuel pressure on the stock regulator to about 15psi. Maybe 16 if your lucky. To see what that means see each injector size listed.
    These are all based on 12psi. The big question is, what pressure is your system operating at?

    Injector sizes-
    Color code Black/White
    Engine 2.8L
    Flow 33 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    37lb/hr @ 15psi
    TBI bore 35mm
    GM part # 5235130

    Color code Yellow/Blue
    Engine 4.3L
    Flow 45 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    71@30psi(near late model 454)
    TBI bore 43mm
    GM part # 5235203

    Color code Green/White
    Engine 5.0L
    Flow 50 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    TBI bore 43mm
    GM part # 5235279

    Color code Orange/Black
    Engine 5.7L PU
    Flow 61 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    68lb/hr at 15psi
    TBI bore 43mm
    GM part # 5235206

    Color code Yellow/Brown
    Engine 5.7L CopCar
    Flow 65 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    TBI bore 43mm
    GM part # 17084327

    Color code Lt Blue/Black
    Engine Late BB PU
    Flow 76 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    TBI bore 51mm
    GM part # 17084304

    Color code D Red/D Blue
    Engine Early BB PU
    Flow 80 lbs/hr @ 12psi
    TBI bore 51mm
    GM part # 5235231

    94-95 454
    45(actually 48)lb/hr @ 12psi
    76lb/hr @ 30psi

    Which means you can take the more common 4.3 or 5.0 injector and increase the pressure to 28-30psi (new spring) and do the same thing as the factory for 454 injectors.

    1 barrel TBI injectors.....and were used on the early Holley 2 barrel replacement TBI's.

    PPH @
    12PSI - 25PSI
    32PPH - 45PPH - # 6751
    45PPH - 65PPH - # 5276
    55PPH - 80PPH - # 5277
    50PPH - 72PPH - #5278
    60PPH - 85PPH - #5284


    3. Wire harness-pull from any donor vehicle above. It will need to be modified to fit your application.

    Or if you don't feel line doing all that wiring your self, call me.
    Complete stand alone with fuse panel and relays.


    4. Temp sender-CTS pull from donor or buy new.


    5. O2-oxygen sensor- You could pull from donor but a new one is cheap. 1 wire sensor will work fine. The universals just splice onto the wire from the harness.
    For headers I recommend a 3 or 4 wire sensor. They have a built in heater to keep the sensor hot when it is mounted down in the collector.


    To mount the O2 sensor you can buy the regular O2 Bung or it they are not avail I use the 18mm sparkplug antifouler cut in half.

    Summit racing
    SUM-G2990 $4.88


    Motormite Spark Plug Non-Fouler: HELP!®; 18mm Gasket Seat; 2 Per Package 42009


    6. fuel pump- You have a choice to modify your tank for an in tank pump or mount one external to the tank.
    For inline there are many choices. E2000, E2182 and some universals E8228/E8120/E8248/E8445/Walbro GSL-392. See Below.............

    Here's some of the specs.
    Note as pressure drops so does fuel volume
    We run the TBI at 11-13psi and the MPFI at 40-50psi.
    Also note there are several different fittings involved from ford quick disconnect, 5/16 barb and 3/8 barb.

    E2000- 100psi/40gph -45psi/25gph
    E8845- 30psi/55gph
    E8228- 125psi/38gph
    E8445- 55psi/35gph
    E8248- 120psi/70gph

    I used to run the Masters E2182 from AZ. $75 and I always run a Fram G-3 filter before the pump.
    But the E2000 is only about $25 on ebay now. Use the Dorman 800-119 fittings to make it a 3/8" quick disconnect.

    If looking for a higher flow rate for performance applications you can look at the Walbro GSL-392 at for about $100. Their price has come down with all the other universals on the market. The E2000 works fine for a stock application and more is not always better so match the pump to your application.
    Hit ebay, amazon, rockauto or summitracing and compare.


    Here is the 1989 ford F250 frame pump. E2000

    2182 application chart!!
    Master Electric Fuel Pump:
    Part Number: E2182
    This product fits the following vehicles - click on a vehicle to see detailed engine information.

    1981 124
    1981 - 1983 X-1/9
    1981 BRAVA
    1987 - 1991 COUNTRY SQUIRE
    1983 - 1986 LTD
    1987 - 1989 CROWN VICTORIA
    1980 - 1982 CONTINENTAL
    1982 - 1989 TOWN CAR
    1980 - 1983 MARK VI
    1980 - 1982 COLONY PARK
    1980 - 1989 GRAND MARQUIS
    1984 - 1991 COLONY PARK
    1980 - 1982 MARQUIS


    Unit Price: $70.99
    Core Value*: $0.00
    Part No.: E2182
    Weight: 2.65 lbs.
    Warranty: 1 YR
    Looks like Master has finally came up with a universal kit. It's the same pump with standard barb fittings. It'll work fine but looks like it cost a little more since it has the mounting ubolts.


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  2. Bill USN-1

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    Whidbey Island, WA
    7. Fuel pump relay- From donor vehicle with the harness. Or you can use an additional bosch relay.


    8. Pwr relay- I use the small bosch style aux lighting relays from AZ about $4 I think they are called Baja's.

    9. Adapter plate for the TB- you can make one or buy one.
    Keep in mind that all holley adapters are for the larger 454 throttlebody and should not be used with the standard throttlebody or vacuum leaks can occur.
    Due to the adapters that were avail, I decided to have some of the more common ones produced at a CNC machine shop.

    You can click here to see a complete list of the products I now offer.



    Spreadbore 4V- Holley
    2206 and 2207
    Squarebore 4V- Holley 17-45
    2 barrel- Holley 17-47
    Transdapt 2204 and 2205

    For more options Click here.

    10. Distributor/EST-electronic spark timing- Also know as the ICM-Ignition control module. For FI you will need to decide if you want a complete conversion (fuel and timing) or partial (fuel only).
    For fuel and timing you will need a distr with a magnetic pick up. You have 2 choices.
    a. The duraspark conversion. DS Distr conversion has the EST mounted external on a sheet metal heat sink.
    B. The small cap EFI distr. Small Cap EST is mounted internal. This distr is made by grafting a GM upper onto an IH lower distr by a machine shop.
    For the fuel only conversion you will retain your stock distributor but will need a special filter to run between your ignition and the computer.

    11. MAP-manifold absolute pressure sensor- this senses the change in manifold pressure. it usually is mounted on a plate, bolted to the intake manifold. You can modify the plate and remount it on the IH manifold or make a plate and mount it on the firewall.



    This is the voltage to pressure table for a standard 1-bar MAP...
    Volts, kPa
    0.00, 00
    0.30, 10
    0.60, 20
    1.10, 30 (approx 20 Inch mercury vacuum)
    1.70, 40
    2.70, 50
    3.30, 60
    3.80, 70 (approx 10 Inch mercury vacuum)
    4.40, 80,
    4.90, 100 (no vacuum; full atmosphere)

    12. If using the 1228746 ECM you will also need the IAT. Inlet air temp sensor off the air cleaner.

    Options: Programming chip may be required to prevent SES light if not used.
    1. Knock sensor- Screws into the side of the engine in front of the starter. It screws into the water drain plug hole. Get from donor.
    If you are not going to program the chip then I recommend you run the knock and ESC.

    Here's a short list of knock sensors and ESC's

    ESC Module(GM #)..Knock Sensor(GM #) ..Known Applications

    16052391 .............10456287 .................5.0L V8
    16052401 .............10456288 .................5.7L V8
    16128261 .............10456288 .................5.7L V8
    16065711 .............10456288 .................4.3L V6, 5.7L V8
    16128251 .............10456288 .................4.3L V6, 5.7L V8
    16131171 .............10456288 .................7.4L V8

    2. Knock control- ESC-electronic spark control. this sends the signal from the Knock sensor to the ECM to reduce the timing if it hears a ping.

    3. Vehicle Speed sensor- VSS sends the ECM the cars speed. Jags that Run (JTR) sell an aftermarket VSS that screws right onto the transfercase between it and the speedometer cable. Good for smooth decelleration and also for cruise control input on later systems. (I now carry these in stock, see the machine shop forum)
    More options

    4. EGR-exhaust gas recirculation solenoid- If you need to run emissions on your scout.

    Recommended coils to use.
    First would be the stock TBI Epoxy core coil.




    Then I would say the Ford TFI coil. It's supposed to have a hotter spark than the GM coil.



    To look up replacement parts go to or and use an 88-91 chevy 1500 with a 350 automatic.

    Fuel pump try an 89 ford f250.

    Or for used parts your options are I use a guy named Steve for sets of sensors or parts I don't want to pull myself. His EBay username is ragged and he has his own ebay store now.

    or for a complete junkyard network on the web.
    use the same vehicle for look up.

    Jeff Eggemeyer's donor vehicle parts cross ref list.
    Donor List

    For a 1 page shopping list try Chris Pucci's list from
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