Offical 1966 Scout 800 Half Top Rebuild

Discussion in 'Gulf Coast Binders' started by vhilbun, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    This will be the start of my rebuild story.

    I found my Scout on CL. It was sitting in a shop about 2 miles from my house. The guy that had it was going to restore it and he started with a bolt cutter,:censored: thank goodness he quit when he did. He did get to cutting the e-brakes, speed-o cable and off all things the throttle linkage.

    I payed $800 for it. The body is in fair shape, the bed is rusty and it had no fuel tank, or filler neck. He said the motor ran but smoked.

    The seats were trash and the seats frames had been cut all to hell. The wiring was fair all but the rear end.

    The half top is ok but has some small rust holes at the bottom on one side and it looks like someone sat on the top, should pop out.

    I am not going the purest way so there will be some parts that I will have for trade, not much. Things like the wiring and vac wipers to start with.

    Parts I will be looking for are, e-brake cables, all, scout seats, inside heater duct from firewall to dash.

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  2. Dirk Kolnsberg

    Dirk Kolnsberg Farmall Cub

    Looks like a good start. I have a '67 800 and you are welcome to anything you need from it that you mentioned such as ebrake cables and heater duct if they are still in it, my axles are gone but think the cables are still there. I don't have seats but since we are going to Alpine next weekend you might PM BioTex and see if he remembers seeing any and we can drag some home for you.

    Let us know what help you need along the way and I am sure there is someone here who can help at least a little.
  3. ziggybock

    ziggybock Farmall Cub

    The E-Brake cables are actually different between the 80's and the 800's. The 80's need a much longer cable than the 800 does. Easier swap going from an 80 to 800 but not the other way around.


    EDIT. I just realized V's Scout is an 800 as well so this will work. Sorry for the confusion, I assumed 80 with the half cab.
  4. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Thanks guys, I have sent the motor to Harris Engine & Grinding and should hear back from hin this week on what the damage will be. I will be here in OH for about 2 more weeks. I hope to get the frame, axles and springs blasted and primed when I get home. I have some body work that I can do and some I can't. Who is the door/window man in the club?
  5. sullyscout77

    sullyscout77 Binder Driver

    Keep us posted Victor!:yes: Whereabouts in Ohio?:cornfused:
  6. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Milford, its on the east side of Cincy.
  7. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Re: 1966 Scout 800 Half Top Rebuild up date 10/2/10

    Called Super Scout and had about $200 in parts for springs and frame sent to my house so they will be there when I get home. I have about 1 more week here and then its time to do some work on the 66. I need to blast and paint the frame and check out the difs.
  8. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Called Rock Auto and got brake parts shipped home. This job is draging on and I am jumping to get home and work on the scout and make my first GCB meeting and put a face to the crew.
  9. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Well I got home last night and spent 1 night and had to go to Gun Barrel City, TX to work 30 more days, this time it's night shift. I do have a lot of new parts at home, brake parts, bushing, axle stuff and paint. I was thinking about geting a 100lb soda blaster from Eastwood and have it there when I get back home. Any one think they could use one?

    I have the 9" brakes on my 800 anyone know were I could get a set of 10 and 11" backing plates and drums for my 27"s
  10. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Progress made this weekend. I called Dirk and tryed to set a met to pick up my seats but he was out helping other menber, good man. I finish striping springs off the frame, Sand blast, thanks to a Billy, 2 coats of primer and back home to start power steering mock up, but thats next time. Picked up an aluminum intake manifold for the 152.

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  11. radar232

    radar232 Binder Driver

    WOW, thats great work! I had no idea you were going to pull you Scout apart like that. I'm so jealouse, it looks like loads of fun...
  12. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    Well I got it bad. I did not have to work today so I drove 3 1/2 hours home so I could work on my Scout. I removed the springs from the axles and used a wire wheel to get the loose rust off. I applied Eastwoods rust converter to them and they look good. I will paint them when I paint the frame.

    I also was able to remove the brake drum and found that it was missing some parts. I also found that the axles u bolts had been loose for so lone that it cut groves in them. I wonder how long a IH would last if it was serviced?

    I will drive 3 1/2 hours back to work in the morning.

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  13. radar232

    radar232 Binder Driver

    Looks great man. Be safe going back to work...
  14. radar232

    radar232 Binder Driver

    I'm glad your build thread was moved. Now we can start collecting posts and not looking so much like newbies. I tend to stay on the GCB side.
  15. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    11/19/10 update

    I have just been told that we are starting 7-12's today:censored:. The Scout work is on hold for now but, I will have a little more money for the project. I think I will stay with 800 axles for now. I am looking for a 800 flanged 44 with 4.27 gears, I have found 1 or 2 but they are out of state. The one I have is a 27 that would work but the brake parts are all gone. I have the CJ7 fuel tank and jeep GC power steering gear box at home and ready for fab work when I do get off. I hope you all have a nice holiday, I will be working.:hammer:
  16. radar232

    radar232 Binder Driver

    Let me know if you need an 800 tail-gate. I found one with a bunch of 80 body panels I'll need for my repairs.
  17. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    My gate is in need of repairs so if you get a good one please let me know. I just picked up a 78 Scout II frame with axles and good wheels and tires today, well I payed for it I still need to pick it up. But that is for my next project:tank:
  18. Karl Bader

    Karl Bader Farmall Cub

    Frame looks good! Keep it up!

  19. vhilbun

    vhilbun Farmall Cub

    [​IMG]Job finished back the Scout. I have the Scout II axles on site. The rear dif cover has been removed in the past. When it was replaced they used RTV insted of a gaskit :no: we will see. Cant get the wheels off the Scout II, are the left hand on the passenger side?
  20. Russ McLean

    Russ McLean High Wheeler

    >> Cant get the wheels off the Scout II, are the left hand on the passenger side?

    My Scout II was all right hand. My 1966 1000A pickup had right and lefts. The ends of the wheel studs were stamped with "R" and "L".

    No idea what a previous owner(s) might have changed.

    Look at the end of the wheel studs - Are they stamped with "L" or "R"?

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