New Scout II Soft top

Discussion in 'Southeast Binders Association' started by lev1a, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. lev1a

    lev1a High Wheeler

    Some spy pics of the new soft top from Doug Scott sent these to me to post up so the club could get a look at em. Maybe he will post some info on em. :beer:


  2. ihfxr

    ihfxr Farmall Cub

    My customer and I have been waiting some time for this to arrive. May be the first one to ship out.
    It was an easy instillation. A very well thought out design and the hardware is extremely well built. I would easily say the next generation soft top.
    I have installed many tops in my 20 or so years of working on scouts, best top,K-line and specialty top and this by far the best product I have ever played with.
    SofTopper is worth every penny.
    Thanks Levi for loading the pictures.
  3. TEXAS

    TEXAS Farmall Cub

    How long before they go out for sale to the general public? Are they taking orders yet? Thanks for the info.
  4. robrob

    robrob Farmall Cub

    They are taking orders. I considered this top a long time. Ended up going with the sail cloth from b-d. I will post some images in NTB when I get them.
  5. TEXAS

    TEXAS Farmall Cub

    How's the quality and cost difference?
  6. Caveblazin

    Caveblazin Farmall Cub

    Very nice! I'd like to come down and see it how long will it be at the shop?
  7. crazyeight

    crazyeight Farmall Cub

    I saw this top today and the material is heavy duty and looks like it will wear very well. I believe Doug said the top and hardware was in the $800 range and the SSII will be similiar, not including door skins though. They will be sold separately.
  8. robrob

    robrob Farmall Cub

    I dont want to hijack this thread. Head over to the North Texas Binders forum and look at the soft top thread. I have pics there from when I was in Denver.

    The softopper tops look really good so it will just be a matter of pref. Cheers.
  9. ihfxr

    ihfxr Farmall Cub

    Hey Spence,
    The scout should be here most of next week as I have a long to do list on this Harvester.

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