New gauges and wiring

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by 46binder, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. 46binder

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    My wiring in my Scout is toast, a mess from PO. Loking at getting new gauges, to go along with chevy FI harness. I also have a Chevy wiring harness from same year Suburban in really good shape, maybe I could use that too. I need to find gauges, anyone know of a decent but inexpensive line to buy? I saw some about VDO, and do you recommend buying them with senders? What have others bought? I see a few cheaper kits on ebay, around $200, any good? I need to get this thing up and running.
  2. bigmookied

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  3. 46binder

    46binder Binder Driver

    Dolphin ones look good. Everyones dash I see here has a tach, looks good for balance in the dash too. Too bad my manual is for a 77 Scout, and I have an 1980, I can see a few differences already.
  4. dkterra

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    Those digital gauges are OK, but just not my bag. Kinda reminds me of an alarm clock. I like haven the needles jump in around. :punk:

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