My 1980 Cummins 4BT Scout II

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Christian Ristow, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Christian Ristow

    Christian Ristow Farmall Cub

    Over the last year or so I have intermittently worked on installing a Cummins 4BT diesel engine and Ford ZF 5-speed transmission into a 1980 Scout II. A few weeks ago I finally got it running and I have been driving the hell out of it. It is pretty much my dream car.

    I have been running a thread over at which has comprehensively detailed the conversion process. I included quite a lot of pictures from the build, and I think it is a pretty entertaining read. It certainly has a lot of information for someone contemplating a similar swap. For that matter, there are lots of very informative threads over at 4btswaps. My Scout build thread can be found here:

    Now that the Cummins is installed and running, I am shifting my focus more onto the Scout itself. There is still plenty to do in order to make it "perfect". That's the reason I am starting this thread.

    Here is a picture of the Scout on the day I got it (for $1400) :


    And here is a picture from a few weeks ago, just after I got it running:


    Externally, there are really not that many changes. New tires, mirrors, and a spring-over-axle conversion. Most of the changes are on the inside, obviously. As I continue to improve the Scout, I will post pictures and explanations here.

    I have already gotten quite a lot of help from this site, especially during the SOA.... so thanks everyone.
  2. ihscoutmatt

    ihscoutmatt High Wheeler

    Very nice, I have considered doing this swap myself and read your thread over there a few months ago:rockon:
  3. trailerjack

    trailerjack Farmall Cub

    Dude, I already love that thread. Amazing how you got the engine out of the bread van!
  4. Steve Grant

    Steve Grant Farmall Cub

    I think the 4BT should've bee the engine used instead of the Nissan, the Nissan is a tough motor, but a dog.
  5. Scout-it-out

    Scout-it-out Farmall Cub

    very cool!!:thumbs up: I am amazed that you made your own adaptor plate. most of us would have to pay a machine shop for that. It must be great to drive after all that work!
  6. EagleFreek

    EagleFreek Farmall Cub

  7. Christian Ristow

    Christian Ristow Farmall Cub

    Hey, thanks for the replies, guys. The Hand of Man is in fact a fun toy, but it sure took a lot out of me. It is sitting next to my shop, broken. I don't have the cash or energy to fix it right now.... I am recovering from it by building this Scout!!

    So, knowing that this Scout is intended to be a daily driver / road tripper, I knew I needed proper seat belts, and for those I needed a roll bar. I fabricated this:


    Here is the front mount, which attached on all three faces of the "step":


    And here is the rear:

  8. Christian Ristow

    Christian Ristow Farmall Cub

    The following two pictures are of the roll bar installed. There are also new seats installed as well as the seat belts.



    Unfortunately neither of these pictures really shows the seatbelts, but you can kind of see them. They are really nice lap-shoulder belts that I pulled out of a BMW at my local parts yard.

    The seats are from a Japan-market Mazda RX-7. I found them on eBay, and really liked the look of them. Even though the seats are from 1993-1995, there is something about the design that I think goes really well with the Scout. However, they were colossally difficult to install, and I really cannot recommend using them!! I ended up putting them in, test-sitting in them, taking them back out, making modifications, and re-installing them about FIVE TIMES! In the end I had to make custom mount plates on the undersides of the seats, drill new holes in the stock Scout seat mounts to match, shorten the stock seat mounts by 1.5 inches, and then shim the seats with seemingly random numbers of washers in the four corners to get the seats "level", or comfortable. Not easy.

    Next up: rear bumper/spare tire carrier, front winch bumper, roof rack, new power steering pump, more speakers, attach gas cap with short cable (I lose gas caps all the time!) and a few other things, I'm sure.

  9. CentralWARMK

    CentralWARMK Farmall Cub

    Hey any thing new with this:

    Next up: rear bumper/spare tire carrier, front winch bumper, roof rack, new power steering pump, more speakers, attach gas cap with short cable (I lose gas caps all the time!) and a few other things, I'm sure.

    Love the look of the scout.

    Later Greg
  10. orodos

    orodos Farmall Cub

    Hey Christian,

    Your project has been a very interesting read. It's been a while since your last update, let us know what else you've been working on. Bump! :D
  11. alex85

    alex85 Farmall Cub

    very cool build :punk:

    Why did you chose a gasser ZF 5 over the Diesel ZF-5?, the diesel ZF is a Close-ratio transmission and much more suited for a diesel torque curve

    the gasser ZF is wide and has a large gap between gears
  12. CareyWeber

    CareyWeber Diesel Herder / Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I'd bet his 4BT had the Ford small block adapter on it. ;)
  13. alex85

    alex85 Farmall Cub

    ahhh ok
  14. 1972ScoutToo

    1972ScoutToo Farmall Cub

    He used the gasser one tranmission because he got it for free

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