Military Vehicle "Million Dollar Point" in the Pacific

Discussion in 'IHC Military Vehicles' started by youric, May 16, 2019.

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    I stopped in Memphis Equip last month and Ed told me a crazy story that a WWII vet had told about his time stationed in the Pacific. Said the Seabees built a bridge straight out into the ocean and then they drove hundreds and hundreds of trucks, jeeps, etc off the end into the ocean.

    Crazy. But here's a link:

    I'm sure a lot of y'all know about this, but it was news to me! Who wants to go diving for parts?
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    Years ago I sold a Studebaker US-6 on ebay to a guy in Poland. After realizing it was not a scam buyer, we had quite a conversation.
    I asked him why he would buy this thing half way around the world since the USSR received tens of thousands of the trucks during the war and surely they must be available.
    He told me that after the war US-USSR relations were so poor, that the USSR refused to admit it needed any help from anybody to win the war. Therefore, after documented war losses, the remaining trucks and equipment were to be returned to the US (hence lend-lease). As I understand it, where relations were good, the US just walked away from the stuff and let the countries keep it.
    According to him, the US loaded the stuff up on barges, hauled it out into deep water in the ocean, but still within sight of land and just dumped the stuff into the water. That way the US would show the USSR that they really didn't want the stuff back but they weren't about to just let them keep it either.
    He said the spare parts and pieces left over, were all recycled to further the view that the USSR won the war all on its own. Apparently US ww2 stuff is super scarce in that part of the world.
    I would have never known this without that conversation. Not much different from the story you have there.

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