Metal etch prior to painting?

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by grannygear, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. grannygear

    grannygear High Wheeler

    I will be painting some bare metal (roll cage, bumpers, etc) and I would like to texturize the surface a bit for more 'stick' for the spray paint.

    I am aware of the Metal Prep product from POR 15, but it seems to me that I had read there was a simple chemical solution substitute that was equivalent and cheaper.

    Any advice on a good way to do this, or should I just order the Metal Ready?
  2. harleykeith2003

    harleykeith2003 Binder Driver


    Try Picklex 20 I looked at it and it sounds great if it works and not too costly
  3. doggone

    doggone Farmall Cub

    I just got done taking the hood and top down to bare metal on my scout this week. My buddy is a painter, and he is going to use an acid-etch primer. This primer has a hard, glossy finish, compared to the chalky red-oxide primer. I am not sure of the exact paint #, it is Nason by DuPont,
  4. MikeInMobile

    MikeInMobile High Wheeler

    Phosphoric Acid.

    I buy it at Home Depot, brand name OSPHO. 5 or 6 bucks a quart.

  5. grannygear

    grannygear High Wheeler

    THAT"S THE STUFF I was thinking of!

    Cool. So that will be a good pretreatment for spray painting stuff?

    Do you mind sharing how you go about using it? Is this non-caustic stuff?
  6. 1973 in pieces

    1973 in pieces Farmall Cub

    Ospho is Phosphoric Acid it will burn you if not carefull you can just wipe or bush it on.

    Tom L.
  7. grannygear

    grannygear High Wheeler

    OK. What about respiration? Also, does it wash clean with water?

    So, it would go like this:

    Good gloves, breathing, and skin/eye protection; wipe on and allow to dry, wash off with water, towel dry to prevent any rust and then break out the Krylon?

    Sound right?

    The Metal Ready from POR 15 is advertised as non-toxic, non-caustic, etc. Apprently it is more than just phosphoric acid.
  8. EagleMark

    EagleMark Banned

    Self etching primer in spray cans from NAPA
  9. grannygear

    grannygear High Wheeler

    Yeah. I have tried that. I did not think the results were worth the cost of the pricey primer, although I bought mine from an auto body supply house.

    I like the idea of the metal etch as long as I can figure it out.
  10. MikeInMobile

    MikeInMobile High Wheeler

    I pour the OSPHO in a plastic bowl/bucket, brush it on with a paint brush, let dry, and paint/sand/bondo over it. Pour what you dont use back in the bottle. Keep it sealed or it will evaporate.

    Tom is right, ( I gotta get that SII wheel from you Tom :D) it will burn, kind of like a battery acid burn. Starts as an itch, progresses to a sting, then its like, hey, that stuff burns! :D

    Rinse it off your skin and you are fine, except for the red spot.

    Dont rinse/wash it off the metal. Leave the residue after it dries and paint right over it. Sand or bondo over it too. The residue continues to inhibit rust development in my experience.
  11. grannygear

    grannygear High Wheeler

    Great. That really helps. I will have to head to the local Home Depot and see what i can find.
  12. urbanassault

    urbanassault Farmall Cub

    Self-etching primer is mainly for bare aluminum and alloys it doesn't really have enough strength to etch steel products.

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