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    Here are our members rigs........ More to come as we grow. :gunsmilie:

    The Mayor [​IMG]
    "Prospector" 1969 800A ,SOA, R.S, 345 w/TBI, 727. D20, Front 44 power-loked with 5.13's, Rear 9" Detroit 5.13's trussed, 38.5x11.00 Boggers, warn HS9500I
    The Sheriff [​IMG]
    "Peckerwood" 1979 Scout II Rallye,SOA, 345, 727, D20, 44 Front, Dodge 9.25 Welded, 35x12.5 KM's, roll tested.
    The Marshall [​IMG]
    "Game thief" 1966 800,SOA,R.S, 345 2 bbl Motocraft, T-19 wide,D20, 44 Front 3.73's Spartan, Rear D60 3.73 Grizzly,Custom autometer dash, OBA, 35x12.5 SSR Swampers.
    The Deputy [​IMG]
    "Champagne" 1965 80, SOA, R.S, 345, 727, D20 w/terra low 3.15 to 1, D44 Front 4.10, D60 rear welded 4.10, 35x12.5 MTR's and KMC bead locks, Warn 8000I
    The Warden [​IMG]
    "Ugliest" 1976 Scout II, SOA, 392, T-19 wide, D20, D60 front welded 4.10's, D60 rear Power-locked, Ram assist, OBA, Reelcraft 50', H1's w/ Goodyear RT's 36x12.5.
    Mad Dog Mike [​IMG]
    " Home Wrecker" 1976 Terra, SOA,R.S, 304 w/ TBI, T-19 wide, D20, Front D44 4.10's Lock rite, Rear D44 4.10's Lock rite, R.C 12,000, 35x12.5 KM2's
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