Master brake cylinder crossover HELP

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by PASBON, Apr 25, 2013.


    PASBON Farmall Cub

    I'm in need of a master brake cylinder ,I found a part # from napa , it is NMC P2657 (proformer master cylinder brand I think ),but it seems to be discontinued , does anyone know of any cross over part or even a repair kit ??
  2. Robert Bishop

    Robert Bishop Binder Driver

    Seems your master cylinder has the 1-1/2" bore. There is a Raybestos MK214 repair kit on Ebay that you might check out. It is for an older 1-1/2" bore master cylinder.

  3. Robert Bishop

    Robert Bishop Binder Driver

    Found several Raybestos MC2657 master cylinders on Ebay and on that you can check out.

  4. mallen

    mallen Binder Driver

    Can you give us more info?

    PASBON Farmall Cub

    Found one at napa , thanks

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