lug bolt pattern for 1974 4X4,8 lug,3/4ton IH PU????

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by kevin hueser, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. kevin hueser

    kevin hueser Farmall Cub

    Hey, anyone know what the lug bolt pattern for 1974 4X4,8 lug,3/4ton IH PU or travelall is. I'm looking for a 16.5 inch rim to fit this pattern. :eek: Are there any stock steel wheels of a late model ???s or something popular that would be easy to find and affordable. Nothing fancy. Is there a name for that pattern other than IH8 lug??? thanks much,...Kev :)
  2. Baradium

    Baradium Lives in an IH Dealership

    Yes, it's called "8 lug"

    Same 8 lug on Dodge, ford, chevy....

    Only difference is size of the center hole. Chevy has smaller bearings and thus a smaller hole so they won't fit without some mods. IIRC ford is bolt on and I think dodge may be too.
  3. Supremebeholder

    Supremebeholder High Wheeler

    The pattern is actually 8X6.5".
  4. Tom Mandera

    Tom Mandera Dreams of Cub Cadets

    8x6.5 as Jacob said.

    I run Ford steel wheels. 16". They're $30-$35 BRAND NEW from the Ford dealership.

    One of the decent deals to be had. ;)

    $475 out the door for 4 new wheels and 4 new 235/85-16 10plies/LR-E

    I run them on my '74 200 2wd Travelette.
  5. Kitchen

    Kitchen Farmall Cub

    New to the forum and know this is an old post but it is inline with what I am trying to figure out.

    I have 1974 Travelall 200 4x4 and the tires are dry rotten. I have been putting of getting tires because I haven’t been able to find any 16.5 tires. Well one of the tires finally gave out and the others aren’t that far behind. I have given up on finding the 9.5 16.5 tires and am ready to change out the rims for a more standard size. I found the bolt pattern 8x6.5 in this tread is this all I need to know?

    I am worried the center hole on whatever rims I end up buying wont match. Is there a measurement for this? I am also concerned about the offset measurement. I am learning so please put up with my ignorance.

    Thanks in advance for the help not to mention all the great info in past post.

    WRENCH MAN Y-Block King

    As said GM wheels typically won't fit because the center hole is two small, all Dodge wheels should fit, at least thrue the '93 model year, they changed lots of front end parts for '94 and I believe they changed the backspace?, Ford wheels will fit until the '99 year model ('97 intro) "Super Duty" they went to a 8 on 170mm pattern.
    All aftermarket wheels (8 on 6.5") will have the large center hole, however they may have more back space on the ones intended for IFS Gm's ('88 and up) and '94 and later Dodges?, they're deeper and may rub??
    The stock steel Ford wheels I have have a 4 7/8" center hole and 4 1/2" back space, if you just want some plain steel wheels get a set off of a '97 or earlier F250/350 (the later than that "E" series still use the old pattern), the Ford wheels are very easy to tell if they are the correct ones, 8 on 6.5" WILL have typical tapered cone lugnut seats, the (STOCK) metric ones will have flat seats for a two piece flanged nut (aftermarket ones will use the tapered seat nuts, measure carefully!).
    If you're looking at aftermarket wheels they should have similar dimensions to the ones for the stock Ford wheel above.
  7. Carl Wiese

    Carl Wiese Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I've got older Ford 16" wheels on mine and they fit perfect.
  8. jeff rotella

    jeff rotella Binder Driver

    The center hole does not have to match, just be big enough. The studs center the wheel. Look for a set of wheels where the mounting surface (the area that fits against the brake drum or hub) is about in the center width wise.
    My son does run wheels off a newer truck on his 85 chevy with no issues. They just don't look right.
  9. Kitchen

    Kitchen Farmall Cub

    Everyone thanks for the help. I drove down to where I keep my Travelall this weekend and pulled the wheel with the blowout tire. Looking forward to getting it back on the road.
  10. DavidWTravelallfan

    DavidWTravelallfan High Wheeler

    Im thinking of aftermarket 16x8 6.5 on mine. One person told me they will fit the front 200 axle with disc brakes...I need a second answer as well. I hate to buy 4 new wheels and tires and find out they rub the front brakes. I want to get rid of my 16.5 x 9 3/4 chrome wheels.
  11. ruderunner

    ruderunner High Wheeler

    Considering that disc brakes have been stock on 3/4 and 1 ton trucks for almost 40 years I don't think it will be a problem finding stock or aftermarket rims that will clear the brakes. Unless you find and want to use rims that are 40 or 50 years old
  12. DavidWTravelallfan

    DavidWTravelallfan High Wheeler

    They will be new ones from 4 wheel parts, chrome steel wagon wheel type. same like i have now but not as wide.
  13. Kitchen

    Kitchen Farmall Cub

    Can't say yes for sure because I put 17" on mine but most everyone I asked said the same thing. 16 x 8 6.5 so they should work just fine. The rims I picked only came in 17+ or I would have gone with 16 because the tires are cheaper and you can fit more tire with out a lift.

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