Kingpins, wheel bearings and semi-floating rear axles.

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    On my 53 R110 I have about 1/4" end play in each end of the axle. I don't know much about axles in general. If it is supousto be tight I don't want my axle going out. My nuts are tight. I do have a semi floating axle. I have read my manual and there is nothing in there about how much end play it should have. I have done my homework and I can't find it.
    AND my front wheels and hubs move up and down a little bit, about 5/16". It may be my wheel bearings or my kingpins. My wheel bearings are torqued properly, but may just be worn. They are tapered cage roller bearings Should those have any movement? There is a little shake in the steering wheel at higher and sometimes lower speeds. I have new tires as well, so that is not an issue. Anyone know about this stuff? I know, it's a lot to answer...
  2. Doc Stewart

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    Semi floating rear axle: There is a serrated cage around one axle bearing - right side IIRC - That turns to adjust axle end play. There is a locking tab somewhere. I don't keep a manual here at the office but set it up for about .050 and you will be in the ball park.

    Front end: Remove a wheel and wiggle the front hub up and down then right and left. Look for play: A. of the hub on the spindle which would indicate loose or worn bearings. Bearing end play is set up by torquing to snug and backing off one flat of the nut. B. of the spindle assembly in the king pin bushings. A little slop is OK here but will eventually lead to replacement of the bushings.

    Be sure of your tire balance before you chase down other reasons for wheel shake. Then check tie rod and drag link ends.

    All these parts are available but you will be doing some searching.
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    with front axle movement, jack up the axle, then one thing that most folk don't do is apply the brakes, after having the brakes applied insert a lever through the rim to the drum and lift this will show any king pin slack. If thats ok then release the brakes and do the same test for wheel bearing movement.
  4. Doc Stewart

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    Never used that trick Paul, thanks!

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