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Discussion in 'Hamilton Fuel Injection' started by RQnyrd, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I've talked to Bill (email and phone) in the past but am looking for more help/info soon and inquired through a friend about Hamilton FI site and he told me I have to start here. So here I am. I've had a 4.3 tbi motor in my Jeepster for 16 years and BROKE it in 2017 and for some reason got a Vortec motor, machined it and added an Edelbrock intake to accept my TBI unit (I was trying to keep my original wiring harness). Things have not worked out as planned. It won't get out of it's on way, idles like it's going to the mountain top, and coughs when/if I dump the clutch while rpms are below 2000. I had a local "tuner'' dyno and tune it and while there it worked great but once in the real world on the trails my troubles started. No low end power, stumbles all over itself, but runs after about 2000 rpm. My "tuner" lost his dyno so I am back to square one. After troubleshooting and replacing every sensor and ignition part and then searching for issues and replacing the intake gaskets (per Edelbrock in case of an internal vacuum leak) we are close to start up again and seeing where we are at. I was planning to buy an aldl cable once we start it up this week IF it doesn't act like it should. (I have no confidence that it will either) So here I am and awaiting further instructions if needed! lol
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    Not sure why I didn't get a notification of this thread but if your looking for general injection tech support, then the Injection Forum is the place.
    Lower down the main page.
    If you need HFI specific help then it sounds like you already know how to get me.

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