Junkyard in Pickens, SC

Discussion in 'Southeast Binders Association' started by Don Howell, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. Don Howell

    Don Howell Farmall Cub

    FYI, There are 11 Scouts IIs (as of June '04) in the IronMan 4WD junkyard near Pickens, SC. Not much sheet metal that's straight, but several complete and some with complete drive trains ('80 diesel, w/both axles, T 19, probably Dana 300 TC for example). See www.ironman4wd.com for directions (they are hard to find). They told me last June when I was there that they were wanting to get rid of all their Scouts for scrap metal. So, not sure of current status. I will be going there in a couple of weeks (from Atlanta) to get the remaining things I need.
    Don Howell
    Mableton, GA
    '77 SSII
    '72 SII (undergoing body-off restoration)
  2. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler

    Let me know when you are going, that is about 20-30 minutes from me. Maybe we can meet there and rummage together :D

  3. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    Be very careful there. Eric Harrover and I spent about a day up there one Saturday, and Eric made deals on 3 different Scout I believe. Went back the next week to pick them up and pay for them, and the old guy thats the owner backed out of the deal and said that he would have to charge more money for the trucks, he had sold them to cheap. Moral of the story, make sure to get it in writing (which I doubt he will do) or haul and pay what you want that day. Forget about trying to deal on a diesel scout as well, he thinks those are platinum plated!
  4. Bruce Shealy

    Bruce Shealy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Be very careful with Mr. James the owner of Ironman,..His son David however is a very nice young man and is a straight dealer but the old man will have to be screwed in the ground when he dies. He does have some desirable stuff up there but "grampa" is a loon. I was in there one day when a man from Pa who had done a deal with "grampa" over the phone and drove down pulling a car hauler to pull his Kaiser Jeep wagon back to Pa when the mean old loon jacked the price up on him after he drove 600 miles. I steer clear of them,..they just aint worth the hassle,..too many other places to look besides them. Come to think of it,.."James" is a good last name for him. Be careful and a word to the wise,..get ready.
  5. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    I agree with Bruce, any dealings I have had with David have been straight forward, no funny business. However, David will not set a price on a complete vehicle and leaves that up to his dad, who is a indeed a loon.
  6. jim s.

    jim s. Farmall Cub

    hey, where is this junkyard? i have been to one in seneca and i am not sure if its the same. when i went to the one in seneca, they were pretty nice and gave me a good price on stuff.
  7. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler

    The place is located at 1599 Midway Road Pickens, SC 29671 864.878.2903. It located between Pickens and Pumpkintown between US 178 abnd SC 8. I just spoke to the son and he seemed interested in getting rid of what he had left.

    Jim, let me know if you would be interested in going up there. I could go up there anytime really.

    Whats the place in Seneca that you are speaking of?

  8. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler


    I am interested in this place in Seneca as well. Do they have any Travelalls? I didn't know anyplace in Seneca had any IHs.

  9. cartwright

    cartwright High Wheeler

    Let me know when you are going, I'm right up the road from you in Lithia Springs.
  10. cartwright

    cartwright High Wheeler

    B.T.W., Smallwoods has 1 scout (73'ish), looked to be in decent shape iffen you are interested.
  11. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler

    I was thinking about heading up to Ironman this Friday 10/1. Anybody interested? Any word on the junkyard in Seneca?
  12. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler

    Well I finally made it up there to Ironman, and the word of caution was well received to say the least. He does have a bunch of stuff up there that is worth salvaging. First off he doesn't let you walk around the yard without somebody with you, which isn't a big deal, but I waited at least 45 minutes while he tried to move a Heep J-10 truck by lifting it with a forklift from the rear bumper, he dropped it once and then when he finally got finished he had it hung in front of all the customers who were waiting for him to finish. I looked behind me and saw a sign that said "Not responsible for accidents" on the outside of the building, I had to chuckle at that, and then I moved. Anways he is a loon to say the least. The whole time he (james) was showing me what was in the yard he kept saying he was sending them all to the crusher. I made note of what was good and never said a word to him about what I was interested in.

    Whats he has:
    Scout II
    -Drivetrains quite a few, maybe one or two he said was running
    -fenders, some seats, dashes, bumpers, tops

    -builder 392 out of a travellall 4x4
    -nice stepside running 4x4 IH pickup, manual, not sure what else it has, but in really good shape from the looks

    After I saw what he had I made a hint of what I might be interested in and he threw out some interesting prices, which I didn't even respond to. I plan on going up there again to talk him about what I am interested in. These scouts deserve to be salvaged, and this guy will F it up for sure. In an ideal world we would all get together on a weekend and raid the yard and let him scrap whats left, but that would take some work with this loony toon. I will post some pictures of some 800's. He has two which are in running and driving condition.

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  13. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler

    Here are the pictures of a few 800's that looked decent and two that are running and driving supposidly.

    There are quite a few 800 and scout II's that are salvagable. I would probably say 10-12 Scout II's, 5-10 80+800's, 1 travelall, and 1 nice running 4x4 70's pickup

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  14. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    Well at least you know what you are up against. I tried to get that late model 800 that is the second picture in the second post w/74 on the front fender. It originally had good straight quarters on both sides, then they hit it with a forklift on the passenger side and ruined that quarter. When I first asked him about it, he wanted $400 before the accident, after $950 :confused: . Then after the fiasco that Eric had with him, I just walked away, I figured it wasn't worth the trouble.
  15. jim s.

    jim s. Farmall Cub

    hello all:
    if anyone is interested in checking out the yard in seneca, i can meet sometime saturday in the early afternoon. i am not sure if the yard will be open, but the first time i went by the yard was not locked and you could see several of the scouts, and some you could not see.

    my email has changed as well. so if you would like to get together, e-mail at swimjim03@bellsouth.net. thanks.

    also, if anyone knows of a d-300 x-case for an auto tranny which may be available, i am looking to swap out sometime in the future. thanks.
  16. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    Hey Jim,

    Are you talking about Boggs Tractor Company? I went through there this weekend. Is he parting anything? I thought those were just his toys.

  17. jim s.

    jim s. Farmall Cub

    yeah, thats the guy! i bought some axle shafts from him. i think he is willing to part out some of the scouts, but mostly the ones which dont run. he says he has some that do run, but i am not sure which.

  18. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler


    Boggs has quite a few things to find out. He has two travelall's in decent shape, 1 travelette with I think 80K, and 1 traveller all of which he is willing to get rid of all of which run and drive as I'm told, and a few part Scout II's.

    Here the best part, he has a bunch of NOS parts, he was a dealer for IH from 1958-1978. He didn't have to much for the Scout II, but I know he has a NOS hood for an 80/800 that was damaged in transit, can be fixed, a rear hatch window for the hard top and who knows what else. He has a bunch of stuff, but nothing is cataloged, and he goes by 1983 and 1992 IH price books. Check out a few pictures that I snapped of his yard.

    He has a NOS oil pump for a 152 and 196 266, 304, 345, 392 for anything except a Scout II with the dual sump oil pan.

    He has shelves of parts for the lightline mainly the pickups and scout 80+800.


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  19. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    I figured thats where you were talking about. Real nice guys, I bought a NOS 800 tailgate a few years ago. That Crew cab has been there for about 5 years now. When I first inquired about it, he said it was a customers. I guess the customer forgot about it :p . I was there this past weekend just on a whim and suprised to see how overgrown things have become.
  20. Baradium

    Baradium Lives in an IH Dealership

    Why are there electrical outlets on the fender on the crew cab?

    Is that a 3/4 or 1 ton?

    What's his price range for stuff? My diesel's body is in pretty sad shape and needs some help ;)

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