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    What's up everyone! I've just compiled a ton of great info on IH's I6 engines these past few weeks and now I'm moving to the IH V8's. I have plenty of info on the SV 266, 304, 345, and 392 V8's but I would like to know if anyone has any specs on the MV 404, 446 and LV 401, 478, 537, 549, 605 engines. I would like to know the bore, stroke, weight, etc. on these engines because I am cubic-inch crazy and I just like reading about these huge truck V8's that get about 1 mile per gallon of gas. I don't see how anyone can afford to operate one but the torque these things put out probably make today's diesel-powered pickups look underpowered! And I read somewhere that the MV engines were converted to diesel. Is that true? I remember when Oldsmobile converted their 260 and 350 gas v8's to diesel and the result was a total disaster. How did the IH engines hold up when they were converted? Thanks for any info and your time. These IH sites are much more devoted to helping their IH family than any other brand of vehicle is to helping theirs. I needed some info on Ford's 370 and 429 medium/heavy truck V8 engines once; I contacted several engine builders, parts dealers, and even a couple of service departments at local Ford Heavy Truck dealers and didn't get anything. But if I ask a simple question, like "how do I change an air filter?" on these IH sites, I get tons of replies! That's totally awesome, thanks! By the way, the Ford 370 and 429 "truck" engines are junk. What kind of real "truck" engine has a chain-driven cam and a thin-cast block that's not even worthy of being used as a mailbox?! I guess that's why I didn't get any response from the Ford dealer mechanics, they were too busy replacing yet another gas V8!
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    CI--Bore X Stroke -- HP@RPM--- Torque@RPM--compression ratio

    401--4.125 x3.750--206@3600--355@2000--7.69:1
    461--4.125 x4.312--226@3600--420@1600--7.21:1
    478--4.500 x3.750--234@3600--431@1800--7.64:1
    549--4.500 x4.312--257@3400--505@2000--7.57:1

    I know that isn't all the engines you are looking for, but those are the only ones I have listed in my truck stop manual. All of these wer produced between 61-71 so I'm sure some of the others are little later models. Now I wouldn't say the torque these things produce really outshine the new deisel counterparts because the 6.0L (about 400ci) PowerStroke (current one) puts out 560ft/lbs of torque and the Dodge and GM engines are running very close as well. But I would be willing to bet that our old beloved IH V8s will hold up much longer then these new deisels if the owners can aford to fuel them. I personally have access to 3 trucks with the 549 in them and I will tell you, the Cargostar which one is in will pull anything you wish, it just might not get there fast, but will move a barn if it could get the traction. :rolleyes: :cool:
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    Big V-8 distributors


    I have distributor specifications for V-401, 461, 478 and 549. Is this info you would want?. I have scanned it and have it in jpg format. There are four pages, each about 1 megabite which is too big for an attachment. If you want I'll Xerox them and send them by mail. Possibly, they could be placed on my brother's web site and down loaded from there.

    I would convert to text except the info is in column format and converting that is a pain.

    I have also scanned the same info for the V-266, 304, 345 and 392.

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    I would be happy to help, Bill,
    but I have almost no knowledge of these larger MV/LV engines except that due to their size/weight they arent practical to use in anything smaller than a bus/dump truck type of vehicle.
    The very engine size designation used gives a clue to this by calling the SV engine "small".
    SV = Small V-8 (700 lbs is small!?)
    MV = Medium V-8 (weight?)
    LV = Large V-8 (weight?)
    Putting one of these MV/LV engines in a light truck would be impractical, however, I would never say that it couldnt be done.
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    1975-1977 OHV-V8...MV-446 4 bore carb, 4 1/8x 4 2/16 bore&stroke. Comp - 8.1 Hp @ R.P.M. 235@ 3600
    Torque @ R.P.M - 385@ 2600 . Governed speed @ R.P.M.---3600 . Normal oil pressure -- 44- 50.

    I have more but I am way to stuff:D too type it.
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    Trying to not bring back an old topic, but does anyone know how much the dual dizzy 549 from the firetrucks weigh? I have an interesting idea :)

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