International Harvester Mower on Ingel's Homestead

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    image.jpg image.jpg My family is on vacation. We did Laura Ingel's homestead today. I love history so I found it quite interesting. While I was waiting for the kids to get their wagon ride in I noticed a bunch of horse drawn farm tools.
    Imagine my surprise when the prettiest (red and white and looked functional) was made by IH.
    A quick internet search (yes, Pa's farm has 3 G) showed the type 9 mower was made 1939-51. It was the last horse drawn mower made.
    It had a "gear box." I thought it carried tools. Another earlier model actually had bolts and washers in it's box. Anyone know what it was for? It sure didn't have tools or gears in it.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't bring it home. I got rid of the kid's pony years ago.

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