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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by RichW, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. RichW

    RichW Farmall Cub

    Hey folks,

    I (attempted) to add IHC VIN's to my pre-1981 VIN decoder site. Yeah I know an LST is a lot more useful than a VIN but nonetheless it was a fun project. So far I have it doing 13-digit VIN's for 1966-1980 light (Scout/Travelall/Pickup) and heavy (Loadstar/Transtar/Paystar/Fleetstar/Cargostar). Metrovan decoding is spotty since I couldn't dig up much info or sample VIN's for them. It's not 100% yet but its working pretty good.

    Anyhow I hope someone finds it a useful resource

    http://www.VINwiz.com (This is the current website, it used to be quick vin).

    - Rich
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  2. rlireland

    rlireland Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Rich,

    Pretty cool! As you know, your decoder will be pretty limited in the information it can provide for IHC products. I've been compiling a database of early Scout (1961-1971) Serial Numbers and now have about 250. I use it mainly to help determine the year of manufacture since that information is not always clear after 40-odd years.
    Your decoder came close with my 1971 800B vin; listed the mfg date as Dec 1968.
    I'll have to try out your decoder with my 1956 Ford vin and see how it works.

  3. pri

    pri High Wheeler

    Pretty cool! It worked with the VIN for my '67, but didn't work for the '64.
    This is what came back:

    VIN Format: 1965-1970 Cadillac
    Decoding: SB446211

    Digit Usage VIN Decoded
    1 Series S Unknown!
    2 Year B
    3-8 Sequential Serial # 446211 446211
  4. RichW

    RichW Farmall Cub

    So far it only does 1966-1980 13-digit VINs. It doesn't know how to parse & decode older VINs yet (FC, SB, etc).
  5. blybrook

    blybrook Farmall Cub

    I just ran my '74, the decoder came back stating it came with a V8; but I know that's not the case. My LST shows the 258 L6 being stock. I'll check my '69 tomorrow to see how that one turns out.

    Cool tool though, thanks for the hard work.
  6. RichW

    RichW Farmall Cub

    Thanks for the feedback. I fixed it. The 1973/1974 VIN format is almost exactly identical except for the 5th digit (well other than the digits that indicate the year). All 40 of my 73/74 sample VINs were from V8 vehicles. Finding VINs for 4 & 6-cylinder late-model Scouts is like trying to find chicken teeth.
  7. blybrook

    blybrook Farmall Cub

    My '74 VIN has a 5th digit of 0.

    The '69 came back with an unknown. It is a '69 Scout 800A Doll-up Scout (aristocrat based on rlireland's VIN search thread) It has a 232-L6 which your vin program calls a gas. The start of the VIN is 784817G if that helps you any. I have the LST for it as well.

    Thanks for the hard work, it's a good tool. I can see uses for it.
  8. Robert M.

    Robert M. Farmall Cub

    I just checked mine and the only issue is the 4th digit "an F", comes up as unknown. My truck is a travelette (crew cab) shortbed.
  9. jasonzbtzl

    jasonzbtzl High Wheeler

    Worked for me:

    VIN Format: 1975-1980 International Light Truck

    Decoding: H0062HGD29529

    Digit Usage VIN Decoded
    1 Model Year H 1978
    2 Not Used 0 (Always Zero)
    3-4 Model 06 Scout (not pickup or Traveler)
    5 Engine 2 gas (Scout) 304/345 V8, etc.
    6 Year H 1978
    7 Plant G Fort Wayne, Indiana
    8 Line D Scout
    9-13 Sequential Serial # 29529
  10. RichW

    RichW Farmall Cub

    Thanks Robert. Its fixed. Sample Travelette VIN's were hard to come by. I had 4th digit "E" for 1973-1974 as Travelette Longbed. Looks like "F" must be the shortbed !

    - Rich
  11. Robert M.

    Robert M. Farmall Cub

    Rich, you may want to change the description from shortbed to 6 1/2' bed because I believe the stepside and bonus load (fleetside) shortbeds were different. I believe the stepside had a 6' bed and the bonus load (what I have) was a 6 1/2' bed.

    I really appreciate the work you have put into this project. Thanks!:rockon:
  12. rlireland

    rlireland Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    M6RX199500 is right on!

  13. Vanman

    Vanman Farmall Cub

    I have an International Metro. I am not sure what years it is? I was told it was a 1946 when I purchased it. I tried entering information into the decoder but I could not get it to work. Here is the information I have about my vehicle.

    International Motor Truck Plate
    Model - KB-1M
    W.B. 102
    Chassis Serial number 10413
    Model# GRD-2144
    Serial # 29582
    Net Horsepower 73

    The truck does not have a motor in it now but it does have a triple diamond emblem on the front.

    Any help you could have to point me in the right direction for find out what year this Metro is I would appreciated it.

  14. jfwireless

    jfwireless Farmall Cub

    Tried on the 1978 Loadstar 1700, but it comes back with Loadstar 1750, which is a diesel not a gas engine , the emblem on the truck also says 1700.

    First four digits decode as 1750, not 1700 D062

    Full Vin D0622HHB12576

  15. RichW

    RichW Farmall Cub

    Thanks Jim. I updated it to say "1700/1750" for now. For 1978 I've seen D052, D053, and D062 used for 1700 series trucks (1700, 1724, 1750, etc). Perhaps these codes are for different wheelbase lengths or whether or not its a factory tandem axle. Hopefully I'll get it straightened out. In worse case I could always see if the 5th VIN digit is a "5" (diesel) to separate the 1750.

    - Rich
  16. RichW

    RichW Farmall Cub

    Hi Bob,
    Its probably a late 1948.
    See: http://content.wisconsinhistory.org/cdm4/document.php?CISOROOT=/ihc&CISOPTR=5529&REC=16]IHTruck%20Serial%20Number%20Info

    - Rich
  17. uglymailman

    uglymailman Farmall Cub

    Just ran mine. Size & engine unknown. Rest seems ok. Still tryin to find eng. size. Good luck.
  18. Architectdave

    Architectdave High Wheeler

    Said the third digit of my code "8" was a scout 800, it is in fact a '73 Scout II
  19. Robert M.

    Robert M. Farmall Cub

    I was thinking that maybe a link to the Vin Decoder would be nice in the FAQ's or new IH Wiki. Any thoughts?
  20. Mike Stevens

    Mike Stevens Farmall Cub

    HELP! I thought I bought a 1969 800A but I put in my number and got this:
    Decoding: 780905G212373

    Digit Usage VIN Decoded
    - Mfg Year/Month - 1966 (Aug)
    1-4 Model 7809 Unknown!
    2 Drive 8 4WD
    4 Size 9 Scout
    5 Engine 0 gas
    6 Body 5 Stepside pickup
    7 Plant G Fort Wayne, Indiana
    8-13 Sequential Serial # 212373 212373

    What does it all mean? Do I not have the D44 rear axle? I have no LST. And how do I have a stepside bed? Thanks -Mike:eek::confused:

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