IHC Serial Number List -- Motor Truck Annual -- 1928-1966

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    Interesting documentation! It can help to estimate production years for the early IHC trucks. It's good to see some more of the IHC records being digitally preserved.

  3. Chris Keck

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    Cool info that will help alot.
  4. 3Ds

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    I'm now a little confused....My KS5 is serial #2608 which shows by this chart to be a 1941 however it is and always has been registered as a 1946. I have the original owners 1948 registration showing it as a 1946.
    Any thoughts???
  5. Jeff Jamison

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    Back then trucks where titled when they wher sold not when they where built.If your truck was not bought and sat on the lot till 1960,the title would say it was a 1960
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    the subject of frame numbers has bin a heated discushion on oldihc. heres what i found to be the true facts. the frame number are there yes. the information that the wiscousin historical sosicty has is not complete. the information they have is only production numbers they do not have the starting and ending numbers. internation does not have any records on the k/kb trucks any longer. yes the wiscousin numbers will give you the amout of trucks produced each year. but it will not nessiceraily give you the correct year with the information they have its an edacated guess at best. if you call and ask them to identify you truck year buy the frame number. they will tell you they can not becauce they do not have the line setting tickets. they say with out the line setting tickets they can not tell you the excat year. so until the line setting tickets turn up its going to be an edeacated guess as to excact year unless you have an orgional title. the info that is out there right know just tells use the series and size like k or kb 1 2 3 4 or 5 etc like and thats it.
  7. 3Ds

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    Interesting, I can't really imagine that a red truck sitting in the sun for 5 years could be passed off as a current model year.
    Ya I know, I guess the buyer would be aware of this dating system, but still hard to believe 5 years. Maybe a rollover from the previous year. Anyway, I guess it's just "old".
    Cheers, Brad
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    that is some excellent info i tis very helpful I wish there was even more info like this within the web site:rockon:;)
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    Hello Roy i sent you a few early Scout #'s.......don't know if you got them or not but i have one thats just not the FC # Its a 63 Scout 80 Vin # SCFC73539a3 can you shed any light on this??


  10. Doc Stewart

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    3Ds: International changed the design of their light trucks in mid 1940 coming out as the 41 K series models. Then WWII started and the Government intervened, causing most manufacturers to stop all but limited production until 1946. International made very few light rucks during the war. They went to 'essential' civilian use. To the best of my knowledge, all of the light rucks built in wartime were "1941" models. Yours may have been built as late as 1945.
  11. Spitz

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    OK... I have a 1959 B100 ... nothing on the serial number list mentions 1959.
    Any thoughts on this?
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    And here is another handy reference, also from the Wisconsin Historical Society. It gives number of items produced of pretty much everything IH ever made. I just include the truck section here. I divided it into two pdfs so that I wouldn't exceed the maximum upload size limit.

    The first pdf covers 1915 - thru the B letter series, about 1959.

    The second pdf covers B letter series through the late 1970's. I left a one page overlap so that each section covers a complete series.

    The original title was "Machine product list production by serial number". If you want refrigerator or cream separator production numbers, download the original.
  13. sarookha

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    If you download the Wisconsin Historical Society document "Serial Number List -- Motor Truck Annual -- 1928-1966", the info you want is on the 27th page of the PDF.

    I've attached a screen shot for you of that page. Looks like most of the B's were made in Springfield, with about 10% made at Ft. Wayne.

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    Well, actually they DO have the starting and ending serial numbers for each model for each year. It's not 100% complete, but so far I've found everything I've looked for. The document you need is the one mentioned in the sticky. "Serial Number List -- Motor Truck Annual -- 1928-1966" The list of production numbers you mention is a different document, titled "Machine product list production by serial number". Both of them are quite helpful, but the Wisconsin Historical Society website is a real pain to search.
  15. Tucson scout

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    Getting my first scout 80 and the serial # is : FC22048A. I have been told it is a 1963 made in ft.wayne?
  16. sarookha

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    Unfortunately the 1960 and later entries in the "Serial Number List Motor Trucks 1928-1966.pdf" document are really spotty, and all I can find for the Scouts in there is that the first 234 Scouts (#501-#735) were made between 1 Nov 1960 and 1 Jan 1961. Extrapolating from the total number produced (123,814) over the five year production run for the Scout 80s probably doesn't help, because production may not have been evenly spread over those years. It does appear that all Scout production was at Ft. Wayne. :confused:
  17. sarookha

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    Hello Moderator Mike, can these files be added to your "sticky", or maybe have post #12 be a sticky of it's own? Seems like lots of folks are looking for the production totals, and they are a good compliment to the beginning serial number list in your sticky.

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