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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by bogboy, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. bogboy

    bogboy Farmall Cub

    I've searched numerous locations including the Holley web site and old car manuals site and have not located my particular Holley List number. I positive the carb is a 2300 but unsure on cfm?

    Anyway the Binder part number is 421641-C91
    Holley List number is - 6206

    71 International 1110
    345 cubic inch

    Thanks for any insight. Looking to rebuild or purchase rebuilt carb and just want to be sure i get it right the first time. Parts counter monkeys are worthless.

    I can post a pic later if that helps.
  2. hacri

    hacri Farmall Cub

    Are you sure about the list # ?
  3. bogboy

    bogboy Farmall Cub

    Sure on the list number... here are two pics of the carb with close-up of IHC and Holley part numbers.

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  4. Robert Bishop

    Robert Bishop Binder Driver

    Your carburetor is a Holley 2300 model. It was used on some IH light duty vehicles with a V-345 and automatic transmission from 1970-72. Your carburetor was manufactured during the third week of October, 1970, possibly making it the original carb that came on your IH. The original Holley master rebuild kit for it was 85R-3502-S, although this is likely an obsolete number by now. The Napa Echlin equivalent kit is CRB 25529, although this kit may not have a Holley manufactured power valve and needle and seat assembly. I would recommend rebuilding your carburetor. Hope that helps you!

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  5. Doc Stewart

    Doc Stewart Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    Geezz Robert, could you be more thorough???
    Great info. Where do you get such?
  6. Robert Bishop

    Robert Bishop Binder Driver

    Holley Illustrated Parts & Specs has much of this information. Holley part number 36-51-7. See the link below.

  7. Dana Strong

    Dana Strong High Wheeler

    When I go to the "Holley Carburetor Numerical Listing", I don't see an entry for his list 6206. I had the same problem with my List 4574 and had to call one of the old-timers at Daytona Parts to get the information about my 2-stage power valve.

    Is there somewhere else on this site (Holley) which has the specs for these (his 6206, and my 4574) models?
  8. Robert Bishop

    Robert Bishop Binder Driver

    I am not aware of a detailed source of information about Holley OEM carburetors, such as your 4574 that is online, unfortunately. The only places I could find such info for my List #4313 was in Holley Illustrated Parts & Specs, which is a 440 page technical manual in my possession, as well as the IH service manual.

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  9. Bill Bennett

    Bill Bennett High Wheeler

    At one time, there was a Holley tech service online. If still available, they should have all the info you need.
    Bill Bennett 68 Travelall
  10. Dana Strong

    Dana Strong High Wheeler

    Months ago, I did call Holley and the technicians there didn't have any correct information about my unit; the information they had was wrong and said my unit was governed! plus they didn't have the correct power valve specs. I did get it from the Daytona people, who have been making their own parts and rebuilding carburetors for long before Holley was sold/reorganized. I've gotten mixed results from a local Carburetor shop; their records seem to be either incomplete, or some employees don't know where to look for some of it.

    As I understand it, Holley discarded much of the original books and other data about earlier products, concentrating on racing and performance equipment.

    BTW, my unit (List 4574) is listed in my IH manual; it lists jets and such but doesn't have details about values for both stages of the two-stage power valves and nobody cross-references those IH part numbers, (which I do have).
  11. smogdredd

    smogdredd Farmall Cub

    Had the same problem with My Wagoneer, There are very few OEM carbs listed by holley on their site. There are other sources to find applications, The IH factory manuals are exellent on jets but the CFM was not considerd a need to know item by any OEM manufacturer. There was a book, How to rebuild Your'e Holley, publisher may have been petersen or hot rod with a very good listing of carbs up to the early seventys. This book also has many tuning secrets such as how to idle with a big cam. This book is essential reading if You want to really dial in a carb. Unfortunatly I never owned it but My old boss had a copy.
  12. Robert Bishop

    Robert Bishop Binder Driver

    Looked up your List 4574 Holley and the original Holley part number for your two stage power valve was 25R-475A-13. Thinking that the first stage of this power valve opens at 13 inches of Hg.(Mercury) and the second stage opens at approximately 6 inches of Hg.

  13. bogboy

    bogboy Farmall Cub

    Thanks Bishop for the information... much appreciated.
  14. bogboy

    bogboy Farmall Cub

    Spring is here and I'm back working on the Holley mentioned at the start of this post (Model 2300). I've got the truck running much better after a rebuild kit was secured but I need to find a replacement fuel bowl for this carb as the threads are near junk (and have been repaired previously) for the accelerator pump assembly. Does anyone know what part number I should be looking for or can steer me in the right direction? I purchased one on ebay that I "thought" was going to work, but the fuel inlet was different and could not be modified to work.

    Thanks much in advance.
  15. scoutboy74

    scoutboy74 Y-Block King

    Get in touch with IH Only North and/or Michael Mayben. They can hook you up and likely shed more light on your list number.

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