HFI Throttle Linkage w/ kick down issue

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    Almost 80% done with the Hamilton Fuel Injection Kit that I bought from Bill a few months ago (been slow due to the Crazy Texas Heat and travel).

    Back ground: 75 Scout II with a 392 and a 4 inch lift. Pulled off the Carter TQ and installed the kit Bill sent. The PO must have fabricated a bracket for the 4" lift due the positioning of the cable and bracket pull. In any case the new throttle mechanism of is higher than the bracket for the carburetor. I've mocked up a few brackets but can't get both the throttle and kick down to travel the full distance, respectively.

    I suspect that I'll have to fab a new bracket to get higher than pivot point. Looking for help to see what anyone else has done.

    Specific requests:
    Anyone have any photos? Anyone do this with bracket kits that are available?
    Tried to replicate the travel on the old kickback lever and the mechanical only travels about 1/3 of the full distance (opening counter clockwise). Transmission functioned properly before converting so I'm guessing this should be fine. Just to be precautious, can anyone comment if the kick down has to travel the full distance (ie start to wide open)?

    Thanks everyone!!!

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    It looks like you have the thermoquad 1 piece bracket.
    I have some pics in my DIY step by step write ups on here that show the 2 piece bracket that is more adjustable.
    So you could get one of those or some guys use the Lokar throttle and transmission cable kits.
    they look good and work good.
    You can make that one work but will take a little more work.
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