Front Axle Question 1971 Scout II

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by NC Scout, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    When looking at either end of my front axle right before the ujoints, the passenger side is pushed out a little, the driver side is flush. Can someone explain, is this right??




  2. Eric VanBuren

    Eric VanBuren Lives in an IH Dealership

    No that isn't right, I'd say you are missing the snap ring that goes on the end of the stub axle that is supposed to keep it tight up against the seal. If it's been running like that it wouldn't be a bad idea to tear it down and inspect the spindle bearing since it may have become contaminated.
  3. nctom

    nctom Farmall Cub

    X2. C clip is off of it. If it were your rear axle, it would have passed you going down the road.:D
  4. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    Thanks for the responses. Is the clip accessible from the differential? I'm looking at my manual and don't see snap rings.
  5. Carl Wiese

    Carl Wiese Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The Dana axles IH used don't have C-Clips. I think by snap rings Eric meant within in the spindle.
  6. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    I have the Lock-A-Matic hubs. I'm looking at the diagram in my manual (CTS2304 page 2209-H middle diagram) and see a few lock rings, can anyone tell me which they would think is the culprit?

    Never taken the hubs off.
  7. Doc Stewart

    Doc Stewart Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    Take them off, clean up and inspect.
  8. Mark Ashford

    Mark Ashford Moderator.. or something Staff Member Moderator

    It will be an external snap-ring on the end of the stub shaft as at pokes out of the spindle. Take the cover plate off the locking hub and you shoud see it (maybe after a little cleaning). Take both sides apart and compare.
  9. Eric VanBuren

    Eric VanBuren Lives in an IH Dealership

    Yes the snap ring I was referring to is the one on the stub axle under the outer body of the hub. That snap ring will not show up in the exploded diagram of the hubs since it is not technically part of the hub.

    Do as Mark stated and pull the outer hub body bey removing the 6 bolts and compare the 2 sides. You'll likely have to clean some grease off but you should then be able to see the snap ring on the one side.
  10. jauringer

    jauringer High Wheeler

    Interesting thread. Keep us posted on what you find. Mine does the same thing but the snap ring mentioned is attached on mine so that might not be your problem.

  11. Jay Tabor

    Jay Tabor Banned

    ive seen more than one axle like that,
    all had snap rings in place..
    dont ferget when hub is assembled the axle stub can be pushed/pulled 3/8th of an inch at least, I figure most of it has to do with differences in inner hub splined gear which fits on the axle stub and is held in place at/by the snap ring.
    thick gaskets between hub body and wheel hub, etc can make up for differences . .

    and....... looking at the pics, the axle wth the gap between the slinger and axle tube is the axle most likely to have the snap ring in place- so its pulling the axle stub FARTHER OUT.
    LOOK AT IT THIS WAY.. that gap allows more dirt and water to get out of the axle tube easier...........
  12. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    Thats what I don't understand, how a snap ring could hold the axle from going out. I understand how it may hold it from going in. I need to push the axle back in some and hopefully there is a way to put a snap ring at the end of the axle to keep it from going any further out. I'll try to take it apart tomorrow. Will update then.

    When turning I hear a click, click, click, but when going straight it is fine. I am guessing that this is the culprit.
  13. Eric VanBuren

    Eric VanBuren Lives in an IH Dealership

    The spindle seals and spacer are what keeps the axle from being "too far out" while the snap ring keeps it from being "too far in".
  14. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    OK, I took off the front locker mechanism and the middle assembly. According to the manual, everything seems right, and both sides have the lock ring on. The lock ring keeps the axle from pulling in, or other items from pulling out, but nothing keeps the axle from pulling out. Understand what I'm saying, seems there should be a spring on the end of the axle that keeps tension on it so it is always pushed in. There is nothing that pushes on the axle to maintain a seal.

    Cornfused, cornbinder!!

    Shown with lock ring on and pushed inward. The lock ring keeps the axle from pushing in any more.

    Shown with the lock ring on and pulled out, nothing limits the outward travel.

    Shown with just the axle spline pushed inward.

    Shown with the axle spline pulled out.
  15. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    Eric, what seals and spacer are you referring to? Do you have a drawing or photo. Sorry..... I don't see a spacer in my manual that would do this job of pushing on the axle.
  16. Carl Wiese

    Carl Wiese Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry, no help from me, however I did want to correct this. What you took off is the locking hub. Saying a front locker may get people confused as a locker is found in the differential. I typically don't correct people, but it's pretty important to make the distinction. Maybe not here, but if you're talking to someone else without the benefits of pictures.

    When it's all assembled does the axle have play, can you slide it in and out? Who owned the truck before you? Is it possible they could have broken a shaft and replaced with what worked, and not the correct part?
  17. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    Thanks Carl for the clarification, I'll be more careful with my "locking" terminology.

    The truck was owned by the same guy for 38 years, then within a year was sold twice, I guess trying to make more money. But since it didn't run (coil wire), I got it for about $1000 less then what he had paid.

    It has a confirmed 48900 miles and nothing has ever been apart as far as I can tell. Even the brakes are original. Original pads (I believe) definitely have not been turned. It runs and drives great except for the axle shaft working outward and the Ujoint edge makes a click sound on every revolution when touching the spindle. It barely touches the spindle.

    I'm replacing the spring bushings this weekend and just installed a new drag link today. Rear brakes are all new and fronts are next.
  18. Jeff Jamison

    Jeff Jamison Dreams of Cub Cadets

    There is a bearing inside the spindle with a seal that seems to be going bad on yours,pull the spindle off and look at it,it should be self explanitory when you see it
  19. NC Scout

    NC Scout Farmall Cub

    Does the bearing and seal in the spindle keep the axle shaft from pulling too far out? Do I need to remove the rotor to see this bearing? Any diagrams or pictures that you know of. I'm searching all types of descriptions that I can think of without much help.
  20. Jeff Jamison

    Jeff Jamison Dreams of Cub Cadets

    Yes the bearing and seal,and there is a spacer in there keep the axle in place.You need to remove the caliper,then the hub and rotor by removing the center nuts holding the axle bearings in place,then remove the 8 bolts to remove the caliper hanger and spindle.I highly recomend a manual or find a break down of a dana 44

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