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Discussion in 'North Texas Binders' started by KMcBig, Oct 1, 2017.

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    I've got a '70 800 that's in excellent shape except for the usual this and that.

    My driver's rear brake just crashed and it's time to have disc brakes installed. I also want power steering and a go-to for mechanical stuff in the future..

    I'm near downtown Dallas and looking for any and all recommendations.

    Any leads would be super-appreciated!

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    DFW, TX
    Hello and Welcome to BinderPlanet.

    I have a 1970 800a myself (see link in tag line if you are interested).

    I'm not exactly sure what "crashed rear brakes" are, but certainly you can convert your rear brakes to disc. Several of our light line dealers sell conversion kits, or you can put something together yourself.

    What engine is powering your Scout? and is that engine part of your long term goals? Regardless, power steering is more than just replacing a manual steering box for a P/S box. you will need a P/S pump, along with approperate brackets for your engine. You will also want to re-enforce the frame where you attach your new P/S box, especially if you add larger tires.

    Do you have the 6-cyl/8-cyl body? Or a 4-cyl body? Nothing is written in stone with Binders, but frequently, 4-cyl's had the steering box inside the frame and 6/8 bodies frequently have the P/S box outside the frame. Regardless, if your box is outside the frame, this is your chance to move it inside to eliminate any tire-to-PS-box interference.

    I *strongly* recommend spending a lot of time reviewing the forum archives, and reviewing what others have already figured out. Certainly, you, or anyone could come in and surprise us all, but its been over 45 years since the last Scout rolled off the assembly line, chances are you won't need to "reinvent the wheel".

    I don't have any specific leads here for you, but, I do have a couple points I would share.

    first, I would leave your location with the fact that you are in the DFW metroplex area and leave things there. If you are looking to farm out all this work, at least it sounds like you are, you are probably planning to spend a lot of $$$$$, and I would suggest you are better off with someone you feel more comfortable with, vs close to your home.

    Second, I would suggest that you are *not* looking for a mechanic. If you are looking to do major upgrades, my suggestion is that you are looking more for a 4x4/fab shop, and not necessarily a mechanic.

    And in closing, once you get your bearings, and get the ball rolling on your 800a, I would start a build thread in the "Binder Builds" area. You are welcome to ask what ever you want here, but you will get much greater exposier (and replies), in the appropriate forum.

    Good luck with your build, and, again, welcome to BinderPlanet.
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