dana 44 front camber adjusters?

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

    Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz Super Mod from Downunder Staff Member Moderator

    ok i have just had my front end checked out and all it is tight, excepting 2 things - the caster and the camber, i have fitted the caster wedges to correct that, but is there any say adjustable balljoints that can be used to adjust the camber angles because unfortunately our roads require different alignment setting to those in the usa. i think shims can be used in the hub but i would prefer to alter it at the pivot point of the steering.

    any ideas?
  2. Baradium

    Baradium Lives in an IH Dealership

    They are called castor correctors... you can buy them... guess the vendors have them?

    Why do you need different alignment?
  3. Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

    Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz Super Mod from Downunder Staff Member Moderator

    we need different alignment for starters because we drive on the left side of the road and our roads a really flat, so we end up with best tyre wear at a slight negative camber on one side and and the slightest amount of positive on the other, at the moment i have 2 degrees negative castor and will change it to 2 degrees positive. and the camber is at about 1.5 degrees positive each side.

    which vendors?
  4. Baradium

    Baradium Lives in an IH Dealership

    I'm going to say that I have no clue how if the roads are flat you get good tire wear with different camber on each side.

    Vendor..... any of them, for example, if you go on super scout specialists internet specials web site.....



    Search through the vendors list and see who will give you the best price...
  5. DrMaserati

    DrMaserati High Wheeler

    Everybody is suggesting to him ways to correct the caster, but if you'll read again his first post it's apparent he already knows how to do that. The way I read his post, he's asking how to adjust the CAMBER.
  6. Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

    Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz Super Mod from Downunder Staff Member Moderator

    good to see ya taking notice there doc, i have already corrected the castor it is indeed the camber i am trying to alter!

    the caster was out primarily due to the longer shackles and reset spring heights, some 3 degrees wedges have fixed that,

    BTW most truck wheel alignment places have heaps of second hand castor wedges, so ya work out how many degrees ya need and offer them a 6 pack of kalibratin oil as we say in deisel talk, and they most likely will give them to you, then you just have to make them a little narrower!
  7. Baradium

    Baradium Lives in an IH Dealership

    Re: Re: dana 44 front camber adjusters?

    I AM telling how to adjust the CAMBER. Sure, the castor correctors have castor in thier name, but you can turn them to adjust camber instead of castor! It's a round joint, it just adjusts in whatever direction you tell it to, it doesn't care if you are adjusting camber or castor.

    Make sense now?
  8. Doug Shailor

    Doug Shailor Guest

    Castor Correctors is really a misnomer. They can be used for either castor or camber or a little of both. They are nothing more than an upper ball joint sleeve that has the hole off center. They are available at most good alignment shops but not as "Castor Correctors". That's the name that Epp uses to market them. IIRC the most correction you can get is 1 1/2*.
    23000 series sleeves:

    There are also circular tapered shims that will go between the steering knuckle and the spindle to tilt the spindle up or down. Again the amount of correction available is fairly small.
    56800 series shims:

    I would suggest you check with shops that do alignments on 4X vehicles, meduim sized trucks and motor homes. One manufacturer of these parts in the U.S. is Speciality Products Company. These pics are from their web site: http://www.specprod.com/PROD_DIR/PROD_INTRO.HTML

    The parts pictured are 23000 series sleeves and 56800 series shims for the front D44. Their web site even has an application section that lists the SII.
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  9. Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

    Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz Super Mod from Downunder Staff Member Moderator

    thanks guys,
    i just got the info that i needed from the site that you put up doug, the shop i use is a truck/4x4 specialist but out the scout is not a common vehicle and most folk scratch their heads and say 'a what' in looking at that site it appears the 66-79 4x4 f100 uses the same part numbers so he will have a listing for that for sure!

    a question about the 23000 series correctors, are they a fit straight in type of thing - remove existing part and replace or do i have to do some machining to the steering knuckle? the web site states about removing the existing sleeve - are the scout knuckles sleeved as they describe?

  10. Doug Shailor

    Doug Shailor Guest

    The off center sleeves are a replacement for the factory sleeves that have the hole dead center. There is no machining involved. There is a special tool required to remove and install them. It looks like this:


    The factory sleeves are torqued down but the off center sleeves are positioned to tilt the upper ball joint stud one way or another so you can't torque them to a specific value. I used to use them before I did my SOA to help compensate for the longer shackles I used to get 31" tires under my SII. I used some thread lock on them then to keep them from turning but I doubt they really needed it.
  11. Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz

    Paul "Misterfixit" Schulz Super Mod from Downunder Staff Member Moderator

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