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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Mt Hood Carl, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Mt Hood Carl

    Mt Hood Carl Farmall Cub

    Has anyone been able to look up their dana 30 using the bill of materials number stamped on the axle tube? I can't seem to find my 74 scout's front axle in the Dana literature using the bill of materials stamped on the tube. The stamped number is 603406-8. That number matches nothing in Dana's x510-8 publication, let alone scout applications.
  2. free2blaze

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    are you sure it is a 30? 74 was when they switched to 44 front, my 73 has a 30 front I tried that dana website thing and came up with nothing, I got a 44 from a 76 scout (will swap in sometime) and tried the numbers from that axle and still nothing, maybe it is only for vehicles that are still in production
  3. Mt Hood Carl

    Mt Hood Carl Farmall Cub

    Pretty sure. It has disc brakes but the diff cover has the oval shape unlike the d44 rear.

    This older post provided the link to the dana info... http://www.binderplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63906&highlight=x510-8 .

    I easily found my rear axle in the list. The IH applications for d30 were listed too but none of those numbers matched my front. BTW there seems to be more d44 codes used on Scouts than the BB faq on axle ID states.
  4. MikeInMobile

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    74 was the switchover year. My 74 SII had a D30 front disc axle. The thing is, any axle could have been switched out at any time over the last 30+ years.

    There is no number cast into the web?


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