Dana 27 & 30 disk brake kit

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by bjw27, Jun 1, 2011.

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    For the money I would rather find a Dana44 with disc brakes already installed...

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    I did the same conversion on my 62 it was easy to set up and all the parts were from the junk yard and the only new parts were the scout II rotors. I think i spend right around 150.00 for the parts
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    what was the specific vehicle and front end that the jy parts came from?
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    There's a few ways to do it cheaply. Take a look at this thread here:

    The disc brake conversion starts about halfway down. I did mine with a mixture of Scout II drum brake Dana 30 spindles, Scout II Dana 44 wheel hubs & rotors, and Chevy/full size Jeep calipers & caliper stands.

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    re: disc brake kit

    Yes! I just finished the conversion using the Horsepower Sales kit for the Dana 27/30.
    I gathered information from Gary Billings and others who have used junk yard parts to do the conversion. I weighed what it would cost in time for me to find the right parts and pull them off. I also took in to account the possibility of getting something home and finding out it wasn't the right part or didn't fit. I factored in the costs of having the rotors resurfaced and pruchasing new disc brake pads and flexible lines. It was worth it to me to just purchase the bolt-on kit from Horsepower Sales.
    I'm not saying this is the best way to go for everybody. Others may have some or all of these parts laying around their garage or be more confident in their abilities to make used parts fit and function correctly.
    That said, the kit was complete and everything bolted on without a problem. The instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow, although if you have ever done any work on a FA21 axle, you could probably do the conversion without them.
    The kit includes the hub/rotor assembly, caliper mounting bracket, a gravel shield, loaded caliper assemblies, Timken bearings, longer length grade 5 bolts to attach the brackets, flexible braided brake lines, clips to secure the lines to the inner fender, and hub gaskets.
    I purchased a rebuilt Scout II master cylinder for $15 from O'Reilly's. I needed to bend new brake lines from the prop valve to the M/C since the ports are on the opposite side from the stock 800 M/C. The inner fender also needs to be notched to provide room for the longer M/C.
    The braided flex lines seem to be a little short though. Although they are the same length as the stock lines, the way they attach to the calipers takes away several inches. They'll work fine on the street but will probably get stretched too far in any articulation situation. They will, of course, be too short for a spring over axle installation.
    Overall, I'm very happy with the kit and feel it is worth the price if you don't want to spend the time parts hunting and pulling.


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  7. radar232

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    Re: disc brake kit

    Well put Roy.
    I don't remember posting on this thread a while back but I now know a Dana 44 front axle is a bit to much for my little Scout 80. I've been seeing parts kits all over ebay for
    D-27 and D-30 closed knuckle front axles at around $600 bucks and in my opinion its well worth it.
    I do think you can get a disc/drum master cylinder small enough to fit cause I've seen 'em in a few pictures here and there but could never figure out where or what they came from.
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    If you put this kit on do you have to change the master cylinder or can you use the old one? I've been thinking about it myself.
  9. rlireland

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    According to Gary, the stock 800 M/C and prop valve can be used with the disc set up. I found that a rebuilt M/C was cheaper than the rebuild kit (go figure) and it has a lifetime warrantee, so I went with the Scout II M/C just to upgrade things a little.
    I was concerned about using the stock pushrod with the new Scout II M/C. The stock 800 set up has a retainer and a "C" clip that secures the pushrod to the cylinder. But the Scout II cylinder doesn't have the groove for the "C" clip so I just removed the retainer and clip and used the pushrod by itself. It doesn't appear to have any problems.

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    Nice Roy! Looking forward to checking the conversion out at the AZIHR next weekend.

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