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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by rediesel, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. rediesel

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    I'm doing research on the tcase for my 79 SII. Doug says it should be a D20, he should be right, which i think should also be called tc145. However i think the shifters for the D20 or TC 145 are closer together than mine. Who else can help. I can't do anything untill tomorrow so just trying to learn something new.
  2. George Womack

    George Womack High Wheeler

    Yep, unless it has been swapped, your '79 should have a Dana Model 20 transfer case. IH called it TC145. It should have only one shift lever. Picture=1000 words.
  3. George Womack

    George Womack High Wheeler

    I just looked at your other post. Your TRANSFER CASE has one shift lever. The other lever is for the TRANSMISSION.
  4. Doug Shailor

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    More info:

    Early D20's came in a twin stick (shift levers) confirguation but long before '79 the single stick version was used by IH.

    If you have a 4 speed tranny then it should be a Borg Warner T-19. If it is a 3 speed then it should be a BW T-15D.

    The T-19 came with two different sets of gear ratios. The wide version has a first gear of 6.xx:1 and the close version has a first gear of 4.xx:1.

    You might discover a lot of this info is in the FAQ section as well as tons of other stuff. The FAQ button is the tool bar near the top of the screen.

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