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Discussion in 'D and C Extreme' started by Damian Grihalva, Nov 24, 2012.

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    -Hey Folks. Damian here of D&C. I've got some GREAT news ~ I have sold D&C Extreme to Eric Younger who is taking over the business side of things. I'm working with him on all the D&C products that you have grown to know and love ~ Including our full bumper line (yes its back), as well as our cage kits.

    On a business note, D&C has a new phone number that is now live. Its 719-510-5027. The website is still live, but we are in process of building a completely new website with active shopping cart, secure checkout, and a host of builds new and old.

    Major changes to the company include many things. Most important, cages and bumpers will be IN STOCK and ready to ship. We've also worked with UPS got get seriously reduced shipping rates for our products.

    We are in process of registering the username "D and C Extreme" on this site. As soon as that is up and running, Eric will be posting up to introduce himself ~ till that time.

    Feel free to keep an eye on our site. I think you're going to like it.
    Damian Grihalva

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