Chevy 350 engine swap help

Discussion in 'Anything Scout' started by Nicholas777, Jan 11, 2020.

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    I have a Scout 80 that is completely stripped. All the rust is removed from the frame and body and about to completely spray POR-15 to prevent further rust from forming. I do have the original 152 motor but the transmission is shot. I can buy a used chevy for $1k and rebuild the engine myself. The transmission will be manual and I will have the transmission professionally rebuilt. The components I will be taken off the Chevy will be the engine, transmission, and axle. Like I said, the Scout is completely stripped, the only thing on the frame are the wheels. Is anyone familiar with this type of swap and willing to guide me through the process or tell me what you did to make this happen? Is there anything else needing to be taken off the Chevy?
    The reason for doing the swap is the parts for the 350 are so much easier to come by. Throughout the years previous owners have been leaving dead wires in the truck so all wires are removed.

    Thank you, Nicholas

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