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Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by 64desertscout, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Menifee, CA here's the idea.

    I started the stockpile for the 64 S80 build. So far I have, 2-196's...1 SII and 1 S800, T-19 & 18...both SII's, 1 D-20 & 3 D-18's, Warn OD, disc brake SII D-44 and matching rear D-44, S80 flanged D44, S80 parts truck complete, and a SII frame.

    Right now I have a running, driving 64 S80 with a beat to hell 152 that has knocked for 7 years that appears to be piston slap. It has 60 psi of oil pressure and it does seem to quit down a bit after an hour or so of driving, and a matching T-90 that needs to be rebuilt. The D-18 T-case is in good working order.....needs to be resealed, but not noisy (other than the norm)in any mode and shifts good.

    The end goal is a good DD that can do some pretty rough trail time. The plan is D-44's front and rear with 4:88 ratio, 196, T-19, D-18 with Warn OD, 35" tires. That should net me 2350 RPM at 65 mph on the highway and a crawl ratio of about 48 to 1. I can always go to a 3.15 gear set for the t-case later for better crawl if I need it. If the 196 that I have doesn't do it I will go SBC.

    What does everyone think?

    Been fabbin for most of my life, a good wrench, and a proficient welder

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