Brake booster and mc for Scout 800

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by greg, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. greg

    greg Farmall Cub

    So do I have this correct: Use a mc and booster from a Scout II for the 800? You know this unit sticks out a mile with the bracket attached. I know I cut the inner fender but man what a long unit. I think it will vibrate itself to pieces. Any other units a shorter fit? Greg
  2. DeanB

    DeanB Farmall Cub

    Try Buick Regal with "tilted" master cyl, bolt booster straight to the firewall, or do like I did, 89 Mustang GT M/C & Booster. M/C will be tilted "up", but not really a problem. You do not need to use Scout parts or use a booster bracket on a 800.
  3. Bill Williams

    Bill Williams Farmall Cub

    There's been alot of talk lately about converting Scout 80/800s to power brakes. I personnally was going to hydraboost my 64 until I seen the setup my friend was running.
    He is running a dana 44 frontend and corporate 14 under his 800 with disc brakes front and rear, heres the kicker- all his stopping power comes from manuel master cylinder from a 68 chevy pickup that he adapted to fit.
    From the way he can stop even running 37" boggers you would swear he has power brakes but there manuel and they work great even with four wheel discs.
    Because of the room issue I'm going to give the same setup a try.

    Later, Bill Williams:D
  4. greg

    greg Farmall Cub

    The master cyl I bought rebuilt for a Scout II is supposedly the same # as used in "late Chevy's and Fords" so said the guy at the local Schucks parts place.
    I can't imagine the mc alone could give a strong pedal without the boost. As I see it, only a really large bore size mc could do that, although the mc for the Scout II probably is bigger than the scout 800 one.
    The tilt up mc booster combo is a great idea along with the mustang unit. I guess I'll work with what I have. Any other ideas though shoot them here quickly because I'm on this project in a few days. thanks all, Greg

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