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Discussion in 'Isa's IH' started by graedin, May 25, 2012.

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    I ordered from Isa's IH about a week ago, and I thought I would jot down my experience. I needed some hard to find parts to rebuild my Lock-O-Matic hubs for my Scout II.

    First off, I thought the website was well organized. I found everything I needed with ease. There was only one part that Jeff didn't have, so I went shopping at also. I couldn't believe it. Jeff's prices less than HALF of the prices on that website. I ordered everything I could from Isa's, and it all arrived in three days.

    Its a week later, and I haven't even heard from those other guys on when my order will arrive. I made a call today, and they hadn't even shipped it out. They had no problem taking my money, even though they didn't have the parts I needed.

    Thanks for the great service Jeff. I will always come to you first!

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    You are very welcome and Thank you very much for your business and for spreading the word.:beer:

    We do our best here @ Isa's IH to make sure our customers are happy with our Prices, Products and Service.:punk:

    Great to know we are doing our job!:clap:

    FYI and others as well.....Jeff is my youngest brother and owner of IH Only North.:yes:

    I am Isa Ismail , Owner of Isa's International Harvester.:rockon:

    Thanks again, Looking forward to more satisfied customers!:punk:

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