Binder Bash 2018 T-shirt Pre-orders and Art Preview

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    We've got the art and the plan so now we need to know how many of you want a Binder Bash 2018 T-shirt!!! They will be light grey to hide any wrench day dirt and soft cotton for that snuggle softness...

    If you would like to place an order, we will need to know NOW what size and how many you want so we can make our order. Dateline is MAR30, 2018 so we have enough time to place the order and get the T-shirts. Payment can be made at the event or to the PayPal account - and you must put size and quantity on the payment order. If you don't do PayPal and won't be at the event, get a club member who is going and send the $$ with them and they can bring it to you but order it now. Again Orders cannot be taken after MAR 30th in order for us to get them printed and brought to the Bash. We will probably have a few available for sale at the Bash but not many. I also found out that if we run out and there are still more folks wanting them, we could make a second printing but it would be another week or so before you get your shirt.

    We will be selling them for $25 each. Add $5 if you want yours shipped to you. Proceeds, if any, will go to funding the Bash both this year and the future.

    So let us know how many you want and what size here!! (one adjustment, the dates will be 20-22)

    *minus the alignment box on the graphic of course....
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