BCB Scout 80/800 Power Steering Pump 4 Cylinder Bracket

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  1. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    Hi everyone,

    Here are pictures of our Scout 80 and 800 power steering pump bracket. Its designed currently to accept a standard Scout 2 power steering pump and bracket and allow you to simple bolt on a pump to a 152, 196. Future plans may allow just the pump to bolt up, with no scout 2 bracket needed. This is the prototype but will resemble the finished product. I need to verify it fits on a 196 motor as it was designed on a 152. I also would like to verify it will bolt into a Scout 80. You will notice the stock air inlet vent flange on the core support can't be retained. The pump sits high enough to clear a standard steering column and a modified column.

    The production version will most likely include another bolt on brace for stability as this one is able to move ever so slightly. I am not sure on the final price yet but I am shooting for the $125-$150 Range. Cost variances between Stainless, Regular steel, Aluminum, numbers manufactured in, and tooling will determine the final price.

    Please give me your thoughts, ideas, concerns, etc on this product
    Thank you for your help

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  2. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    Ok so lots of lookers and no comments, concerns, ideas, or thoughts?:D
  3. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    Planning is in the works for the first production batch. I implemented Just In time Inventory practices in 2008 when I incorporated to manage the resources and offerings.
    With that in mind I would like to get a firm commitment to purchase so I can carefully plan the expenditures involved. In today’s economy it’s just not possible to built huge runs and let them sit on a shelf waiting.
    Please contact me at 360-377-4979 to reserve yours now. The first 10 customers will receive free shipping.

    Thanks and best wishes
  4. guidolyons

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    I made a similar bracket (since I couldn't finad any one that offered one) and did my own PS conversion ~4 years ago, designed mine to use GM PS pump. Mounted on the waterpump bolts, too, I guess there's only so much room to cram a PS pump in there.

    I'm glad to see someone step up and offer a bracket, I like how yours ties into the motor mount, too rather than just the waterpump.
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  5. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    Thanks. Production models will also include one more support brace kicker i think. This one is sturdy but there is a tad bit of flex front to back allowed, so i plan on locking that down with a kicker brace to the block on another axis to make it unmovable. :yes:
  6. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    Hello Binder fans,

    In response to a recent comment about how much more a custom fabricated part costs than a similar mass produced part I thought it might be informative and beneficial to detail out the majority of steps in bringing a product like this to market. Specifically the non administrative steps leading up to production of a large quantity run.

    So here is the basic process I am working through.

    When taking an idea and then mass produces it with Cad designed parts, cnc tech cutting, and the use of a fabricated Jig, the price often will come down from the one off costs. The purpose is to make it more affordable to the general public and provide availability of a useful solution for a need in that specific target area.
    That said I still have no definite numbers on final cost but have said what I would like to try and retail them for. I don’t know if even possible to meet that target price point

    1. The first step is: I need to load AutoCAD 2010 on my computer and draw the brackets from the cardboard templates I have left over from a previous project. I was using BobCad prior to getting AutoCAD 2010.
    2. Then second step is to have the prototype pieces cut in limited quantity. 3. Next using the prototype parts I will mock another one up on an actual Scout 80/800 and build it in place.
    4. After that I will manufacturer a jig from that part.
    5. Then I can take a second set of prototype plates and place them in the Jig and weld them up. If they come out good and I am able to take the finished part over to several scout 80/800's and bolt it on then it’s a big step. 6. If it works then I need to decide on a protective coating for the finished product. (Powder coating, cadmium coating, or paint). If I decide to go with powder coating I need to refit the part to be sure that the tolerances from the thick powder coating do not alter fitment, and adjust if necessary.
    7. When this all concludes packaging Instructions and hard wear kits need to be made up.
    8. Once all this happens the shelf will be stocked with finished ready to retail product.

    So this explains in more detail the process and also explains why I would like to gauge interest in this product so I can estimate ROI (return on investment). This lets me know what products need to be produced before others.

    Thank you for your interest in BCB 4x4 products.
  7. 1965SCOUT80

    1965SCOUT80 Farmall Cub

    I know this is an old thread but did you ever start a full production run of these brackets?
  8. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    Its on the schedule for this year, but dont have them yet.
  9. jason73

    jason73 Farmall Cub

    Almost a year since posting last message. i myself would be interested in a ps bracket for my 67 800. Is the bracket made? thanks
  10. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    I only have a few people that have said they want one and put them on a list but no one that wants to step up with a deposit. I am taking deposits of $100 and have not pursued it as top priority since people have not steped up and preordered. I have to work on what makes the shop money to keep the day to day operations paid for.

    Please contact me at the shop if you would like to preorder and be one who gets one of the first batch of them. I had hoped to have them done by now, but had paying customer jobs that jumped in line and naturally had to give them priority.
  11. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

  12. John Fleck

    John Fleck Farmall Cub

    I have had some parts cut and am fitting them up. So one step closer. If they work out with no revisions, the next step will be to build the fixture for production welding them.

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