AZ Folks- Check your IH Vehicle registrations with the MVD!!!

Discussion in 'Sonora Desert Scouts (Arizona)' started by Scoutcamper, Aug 18, 2020.

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    PSA about the new Arizona MVD system: CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION ON YOUR SCOUT OR OTHER IH! I saw something odd on my registration renewal notice for my Scout 800 after they changed over to the new computer system, and I just ran through 3+ hours on hold and playing phone tag with the MVD to get my registration(s) straightened out. They had hosed up EVERY SINGLE ONE of my classics, IH and other makes.

    All the Internationals were changed to "Interstate Trailer" for make and "Unknown" for model. There were issues with make and model for my other stuff, as well as changes from "box A" to "Box C" on odometers. I didn't see any changed from clean to "Salvage" but it would not have surprised me. I'm pretty sure you want to catch this and correct as soon as you can.

    The lady I spoke to when I finally got through the phone maze was very helpful, but she did say something along the lines of "Good thing you caught this before you paid for the renewal", which sounds ominous. Be aware, the only selection she had for Scout model was "Scout 2" regardless of year. No 80 or 800. I am scheduled to visit the office in person next Tuesday and try to get things straightened out more thoroughly, I will update if I learn anything else worth passing on.

    Another friend mentioned I could have had some serious issues with the police if they ran the tag and saw it belonged to a "Trailer" in the system- Like "Hands-up and wear these bracelets until we get this sorted" kind of issues.
    Stay safe, everybody!

    -Josh 20200818_194731.jpg
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    It always pays to keep old documentation, including an old, expired but otherwise correct registration tag in the vehicle or in your wallet, just in case something like that happens. Taking/giving copies (save the originals) of those to the MV office might help that worker explain things to her superiors and get the system fixed sooner.

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