Anybody into trucking?

Discussion in 'Scoutco' started by Mike Moore, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Looking for some feedback, and also looking to see if there are any takers here as well.;) Hopefully these will be added to the website and eBay soon.

    If you are an owner-operator, or know someone who is, we are offering some new items geared directtly at you! In the last 2+ years we've been doing decals, a huge part of our business has been truck lettering for owner-operators and small fleets. It seems these guys are always in a hurry to have their truck decals made up so that they can get out there and get some revenue...I can't imagine why! So in an attempt to make this all happen for them as quickly as possible, we are doing some quick "predesigned" logos with them in mind. These are single color designs, and will ship (or be ready to pick up) within 48 hours! Just let us know your company name and DOT/MC/etc numbers, and we're ready to roll. These are all 20" wide, and ready to apply. We can do these in either black or white, and other colors may be available upon request. A set includes two of everything you see here, along with a pair of 3" tall unit numbers (up to 6 digits each).



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