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Discussion in 'Hamilton Fuel Injection' started by Oregon Aristocrat, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Bill, I see that I'm just one of the growing number of successful TBI conversions thanks to you! You helped me through the install process last summer and I was able to take it down to Hoodoo in Oregon to do some wheeling when I discovered some other drive train issues… needless to say, it has taken me up until just a few weeks ago to get it back on the road. Your system continues to tune itself and drive better and better! As per the use of you lap top down at the Binder Bee two weeks ago, the chip sent with my kit is about as dialed in as it can get without opening up my fuel line to allow more fuel into the system(thank you for the insite) when stepping down on it. It starts up with no issues, when its hot it has no issues, when its cold it warms up considerably faster and when on a steep slope it stays running... pretty much every day it hasn't rained I've been driving it… so once again, thank you Bill!

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