ALL IH shows for 2013 please respond.

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    I need someone from your club that has info on your show for 2013 to post up the information? I really need for you to keep our forum posted so that we can spread the word to as many IH enthusiasts as possible. Some things a few clubs have done is to get us show flyer's so we can stuff our packages that go out to increase show attendance.

    What we have done to help the IH community is add sections for the shows that we have attended and sponsored over the years, and others that we know of. This is one way that BCB 4x4 can help the IH community, but it requires your involvement. If you are the one in charge of your clubs show, or in charge of notifications for sponsorship, updating various web boards that promote your show, etc please sign up to our forum and update your clubs show section. If there is no section send a note to the admin and it will get added. This is free for your club and will help spread the word to get the attendance to increase.

    Go ahead and start a new thread for each years show announcement if you would rather than posting in last years section. Thank you for helping the IH community and if you need any help with the forum just ask.

    BCB 4xForum locate here

    John Fleck

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