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Discussion in 'Diesel Tech' started by Sammy, Oct 22, 2001.

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    Just registered on here or at least I think I did, computer is too damn confusing for me. Is there any way that I can get a 76-79 fuel filter housing and lines to put on my 80 turbo? I've seen this and it seems if you keep this one (which looks to be the primary) changed, that you wouldn't have to change the aggravating one (canister) as often. Any thoughts, ideas, or sources for these appreciated.
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    Filters, and where to get them


    Welcome to Dieseltalk, and our new home.

    On to your Question:

    Filters like the one on the 76' to 79' Scouts is an easy fix.

    You can go to any Truck Parts or Tractor shop and get a similar unit to the original Scout filter system.

    It will use a similar "header" and filter, but you get a bonus.

    With a newer system, you can getOPTIONS

    Things like:

    Improved water seperators
    Fuel system heater
    "water in fuel" warning systems
    More commonly available filters

    How's that grab ya;)

    Me, I use the factory system if its THERE

    If it isn't, I get an aftermarket setup.

    One's to look at:

    DAHL (made by Baldwin, expensive, but the "Rolls Royce" of filter systems)
    Racor (the Ferrari of filter systems)

    The FleetGuard is the least expensive, most readily available system, you can get a header and filter for around $25.00 from any good Truck parts supply place. And FleetGuard is everywhere in the Truck world. Plus, NAPA cross-references to Fleetguard with the WIX filter line. Options are available.

    DAHL is REALLY NICE. Not cheap either, but Baldwin is the quality king. American made, superior in every respect, and offers a lot of the options that I spoke of.

    Racor is similar to DAHL, and is Good stuff. May be more available in your area than DAHL/Baldwin, some areas have better dealers than others. If you can't get a DAHL, then get a Racor.


    Budget = Fleetguard
    Money no object = DAHL or Racor depending on who is easier for you to find.

    FleetGuard is good, and would be an excellent choice, don't misunderstand me, DAHL/Racor uses a different system than Fleetguard, theirs is more of a traditional "spin-on" filter than DAHL/Racor.

    Go shopping, see what you find, if you can't decide, post here with your shopping list and we will help if we can.

    Keep on Dieselin',

    John Donnelly

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