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    Currently I have worked on the rear axles of my Dana 44. 3.73 gears. I rebuilt the drums new berrings all internals. Got a new Ebrake cable.
    I had the front Dana 44 with new gears and ball joints. Got the rotors turned and had two new calipers. I wanted to have the tires stick out about 1" so that I'll rub the tire before I rub the body. What would be a good rim for that or the (-) negative depth to keep the rim away from the caliper?

    I stripped the frame and took care of the rust and sealed the frame with Eastwoods platinum and used a sealant on the inside of the frame. I painted it safety blue, wanted something out of the ordinary black frame. I installed new brake lines and ordered new brake hoses.

    Currently waiting on gaskets for the transmission and transfer case. Found a guy in San Antonio with a Torque Flight 727 to replace my Borg
    Warner 11/T39.

    Body is getting worked on and the rusted rear sections cut out and removed. Next I'll get the body epoxied and primed.
    I'll be looking for some good non squeaky body bushings. Any recommendations?

    Does anyone know what would be a good engine rebuild kit? I've seen them from around $200 to $1600. I found an older gentleman that used to work for International to help with the engine.

    Thanks for reading this, and any answers you might have for my questions.

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    I'm thinking that you might want to repost this in the section "General IH Tech". It's the 2nd one as you scroll down from the beginning (top) of the forum menu.
    I believe you'll get a lot more
    response from the members there. Mark

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