6.9/7.3 to T34,is it possible

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech' started by bob igram Jr, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. bob igram Jr

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    Can either a 6.9 or 7.3 be adapted to a T34 tranny? just a thought,possibly either impractical or impossible,i tryed a search to no avail....
  2. CareyWeber

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    There are a couple options, but I'm going to suggest finding a Uhaul S1600 that is been sold off. This S1600 has the 7.3 with the a 5 speed.

    Other options would be to find a 5 speed from a truck with the 444, or a truck with a MV (404) gasser and get the bellhousing.


    WRENCH MAN Y-Block King

    I was wondering that my self, I know they had an adapter for the ford trannys so I speculated that an "MV" bellhousing might bolt up?
  4. stu simpson

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    I believe all of the 5 speeds that come from U Hauls are large Spicer transmissions. Later ZF transmissions from Fords are 5 speed/OD models.
  5. Will Marsh

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    The short version is that if you have both halves of the bellhousing from the MV engine to the T-34, it should bolt up. Note that terminology is important here.

    The "bellhousing" as those of us in the car/light truck world think is one piece, designed to bolt a specific engine family to a specific transmission family.

    In industrial and medium/heavy duty truck applications, they split it in 2 pieces. These are designated as the "Flywheel housing" and the "Clutch housing". The point where these bolt together is usually a standard round pattern, designated as SAE#"X".

    Using a ScoutII with a SD33/T-19 as an example. IH used a SAE#4 Flywheel housing on the SD33, and a SAE#4 Clutch housing on the T-19. Figuring that the flywheel is drilled for the correct diameter clutch plate, ANY ENGINE with a SAE#4 Flywheel housing is a bolt up to that transmission. The same goes for any other engine/trans combo. As long as you have the SAE Flywheel/housing on the engine and the same number SAE Clutch/housing on the trans, it's a bolt up deal. Note here that "flywheel and clutch" are interchangeable with "flexplate and torque converter" as a unit in this discussion as long as they mate to the engine/ trans in question and meet the SAE Specs.

    Where does that put us in regard to FORD versions of the same? Good question.

    Pre-95 Ford pickups using the 6.9/7.3 motors did use a Flywheel Housing/adapter. But it's not SAE spec, it mates to a transmission designed for the 385 series (Lima) 429/460 motors. If you want to use the Ford ZF or C6/AOD transmissions, this is the easy way out. They aren't quite a dime a dozen, but easy enough to find if you're looking for one.

    The U-Haul stuff MAY use SAE spec versions, but I have not verified this. Ford F450/550 stuff could have either depending on the trans, but I'd expect to find Ford rather than SAE. Any IH/Navistar badged Medium duty truck/bus/van should have SAE spec versions. The easy way to tell is to look at where the flywheel and clutch housings bolt together.

    If the flange where the flywheel and clutch housings bolt together is round with evenly spaced bolts, it's most likely SAE spec. The Ford pattern has 2 bolts set close together on top, and flares down and out on either side to form a "bell" shape. If it has a C6 the ribs along the top of the trans running up to and between those two bolts are a dead giveaway that it's Ford.


    Will Marsh
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