304 crank/rod help

Discussion in 'Southwest Scouts of Oklahoma' started by Shane Rivas, May 18, 2016.

  1. Shane Rivas

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    Anyone ever try to remove crank and rod without pulling engine?
    79 scout with 304 was running nice until#1 rod bearing went. Now I need the crank turned and likely that connecting rod. I know it's not conventional but i want to try to pull them from underneath. it's the cheap fix until I get ready to completely rebuild or swap. Thoughts?
  2. Dana Strong

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    The rod can't be removed except together with the piston and thus, out of the top. If it has gotten bent or damaged so needs to be checked or replaced, instead of just replacing the lower insert, it can't be done from the bottom.
    Also, the flywheel can't be removed from the crank without removing the transmission, or at least the transmission needs to be moved back some to have room to either separate them, or to drop the two as an assembly. They would be heavy, and later it would be hard to accurately check bearing clearances when reassembling the crank.
    BTW, why did the one bearing fail? How could you clean the entire engine of build-up that might have been part of the cause? Particularly if you have to remove a head to get to a piston, it's probably better to do it right by removing the whole engine.

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