1972 International 1510 2 1/2 ton

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by DanDiaz, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. DanDiaz

    DanDiaz Farmall Cub

    Just bought the truck. Wow sounds good, Runs great. However the master clinder is dead. Looked everywhere. Anyone have any Ideas? Already contacted Cardone.com, Wagner also. They are no help. Anyone know of anyone with one or that rebuilds them, Maybe one on shelf willing to sell. I want this truck on the road so bad. Please help me....Part number would also be helpfull. Thanks, Daniel
  2. Mark Ashford

    Mark Ashford Moderator.. or something Staff Member Moderator

    Play around in Tripple Diamond Talk... couple of use with 1510's in there.

    Down side is the MC are kind of expensive, plus side is last time I called Portland Brake Service (I think that was it, I'd have to look it up to be 100%) they had a couple re-mans on the shelf, bad news, I've *heard* that the Midland MC's don't always take a rebuild, so make sure you check the warranty/return policy, and bench bleed it first.

    Few of us are working on/researching discs as well for the front.... we'll see what happens.

    Congrats on your new purchase.... down side it the 1510's are even less common than most IH's, so *some* parts are just plain hard to find. :sad:

    Does your MC look like this?:
  3. Beast1210

    Beast1210 Farmall Cub

    wasn't sure where your cowpen is but seattle brake and clutch was able to help me with my 1210 that had larger brakes than it was suppose to. not sure it it that's helps. any pics?
  4. stu simpson

    stu simpson High Wheeler

    These Midland MCs are not rebuilt by any of the big houses anymore. They can be rebuilt but the kit is as expensive as a new one if it can be located. I think the kit was 175 plus shipping. I found a new one on the shelf for $217 and I was delirious with excitement. Van at Vanco Power Brakes in California can rebuild and sleeve your unit for about 200 bucks. That being said, he does not like them and will try to direct you to a substitution. He did not have a suitable substitution for the Midland at the time I spoke to him so I just used the one I bought.

    The part number is on the flat boss at the end of the cigar shaped cast iron portion of your MC. Write down all of the numbers and have them ready. Call big truck brake service centers in your area and they might be able to source a new, not rebuilt unit.

    Bad news: if your MC is bad, your booster is probably bad too and that is another 125 to rebuild. Wheel cylinders can be found at the same big truck brake center where you may/may not source the MC. You need 8 wheel cylinders, 2 for each wheel.

    Expect to pay over $1000 total for all of your hydraulic cylinders. The small parts will have to be found by LL dealers or scavenged from wrecked trucks. Shoes can be reilned by the aforementioned truck brake center(s). Van might be able to fabricate brake hoses for the truck.

    There are a few of us pursuing disc brake conversion for our 1510s but if you are really chomping at the bit you should stay stock. It may take you some time to put the parts together, though.
  5. ClemsonScout

    ClemsonScout High Wheeler


    Cowpens is in SC, its an actual town!


    Welcome to the IH world, there is a huge group of people in the area with IH vehicles. I'm sure someone in our club can help, check us out. Southeast Binders Assocation. We have a forum on the BB where you can post as well.


    I assume you've checked with Napa and Carquest and make them break out their catalogs..
  6. jeff campbell

    jeff campbell Lives in an IH Dealership

    send it to vanco,he'll fix ya up!jeff
  7. ronin

    ronin Farmall Cub

    Hey, if you're in Cowpens, SC, then you're not too far from me. I'm in Spartanburg. I've got an older '52 L-130 and found a new master cylinder for my truck at Napa. You might want to give them or Car Quest a try. Just make sure you ask if they'll look through their books rather than just giving up if it doesn't show up on their computer screen.

    Good luck!
  8. jbgriggs

    jbgriggs Farmall Cub

    I have a '74 D500 (1& 1/2 ton) that has a Midland MC like the one Mark Ashford's pic. I went to my local Napa, dug out their book and found new pieces and rebuild kits. Both were fairly pricy but I went with the kit and it's worked great ever since. Later on my booster developed a leak so I split the booster case and repaired the diaphram inside with bicycle tire patches and silicone :eek: Ha Ha works like a charm; no leaks.
  9. Kurt_M

    Kurt_M Farmall Cub

    That's what I'd call getting by with what ya' got, incredible!! Good job!!

    WRENCH MAN Y-Block King

    That master cylinde pictured is available either new or rebuilt, I dont care, I just open the box and out the new one on.
    Fords of the same size/vintage use that system as well, I've replaced several of them.
  11. stu simpson

    stu simpson High Wheeler

    If you wouldn't mind, please give us a couple of places to call to find new units or p/n for Ford etc crosses. I can tell you that truck brake specialists w/80 years plus experience had a hard time with this one. Not knowing what it is, mind you, just finding a new/rebuilt one....they worked off the number I gave them off the unit, and verified the application. It would delight me to find out that this m/c is available for 1/2$ or less as long as you don't mention IHC as an application.

    Sort of like the forklift slave cyl. and Summit clutch m/c that works in a Scout 80....

    WRENCH MAN Y-Block King

    We used one from a Datsun pickup, all that we needed to change was the flare nut on the hard line.

    Call these guys
    OTT's Friction Supply
    201 N. Columbia blvd.
    Portland OR. 97217
  13. SCscoutguy

    SCscoutguy Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Sort of bringing up a old thread here but today Jamie (RedSC) and I went to several junkyards and found this truck. I knew it was a D series truck just by looking at it but didn't know what model. Then when we opened the hood I saw that funky looking master cylinder that I remembered from this thread. I also noticed it had the big budd style wheels on it. It had a 5 speed transmission as well. The rear dump manifolds and the really long fan shroud made me think it was the later model. Is this a 1510 or is it one of the later 74/75 trucks? I am just curious to what model it is really as I have no need for it.

    WRENCH MAN Y-Block King

    My informed opinion says , yep!, it's a '74/'75 "500", it apears to have a 345 and my info says that 5spd is a T-496, if it's original.
  15. stu simpson

    stu simpson High Wheeler

    1974/75 Model 500. I could really use that booster/master assembly for a core. Let me know if you go back.
  16. Red_SC

    Red_SC Binder Driver

    Good luck- the guy wanted to charge new prices for his old stuff. I went to get a pair of Ford Dana 44 hubs. What he wanted for used ones was within around $20 of new ones- as long as I pulled them. If one of his guys pulled them it would be higher. :death: I told him what new ones went for, and he still wouldn't come down. We got prices on a couple of other things, and drove out with an empty truck.:thumbs down:
  17. stu simpson

    stu simpson High Wheeler

    Thats OK, they come along more frequently than folks believe. There are a few around here but I would have to take the whole truck(s). Sometimes junkyard folks are as weird and stupid as they should be and let stuff sit for 20 years. They will rather let stuff rot to rust and sink into the mud rather than taking 5 cents less than they dream the price should be!!!! It is the same everywhere.

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