1971 800B V8 build. The last chapter!

Discussion in 'Binder Builds' started by BioTex, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    1971 800B V8 build. "Old Mac Donald"

    The time has finally come to get my last project on the road. I have been collecting parts for 2 years now, and so I pulled the 800B into my shop.

    My biggest worry is that my purist streak is going to get in the way of my alter ego: My rock crawler side...

    As many of you know from the "Alpine treasures" thread, I have a lot of NOS parts at my disposal saved for this truck. Things like all new gauges, or new springs. Problem is, I don't care much for the OEM springs on these trucks. I'm leaning towards wider and softer.

    I have a good set of YJ springs for a SOA conversion, but don't think they would like the weight. Perhaps I'll use them just in the rear, and go with somne travelall springs I have for the front. IDK.

    As for the gauges, seems a shame to use them if I'm not doing a resto. Should I sell them and use the money towards lockers? Again, IDK yet.

    So, untill I figure out what my true direction is, I will do some body work.

    First thing I did was remove the full top, and traded it for a 1/2 cab top. Saves a bit of weight if I go in the crawler direction. I plan on tube doors also.

    I removed the front clip so I could pound out some bent metal on the pass. side. Looks to have been hit, and crumpled up the inner fender in three places.

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  2. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    Here are some more photos. One with the 1/2 cab on.

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  3. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    When I purchased the truck, it had no engine. My spare 345 had a front sump pan, so I had to swap it out with a double humper

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  4. gmbarker78

    gmbarker78 Farmall Cub

    Man I love the logo's on the doors, very cool! :punk: I'm also partial to 800's in general.

    I started my 800 build with the intent on just doing some minor upgrades for better driveability. Well, it got a little out of hand, see my 800 Build thread! There are some good ideas there on some various issues that the V800's have.
  5. 800bman

    800bman High Wheeler

    Ditto! Totally sweet door logos. Nice to see another 800b getting worked over!
  6. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    Thanks guys. I'll start checking out the build Barker. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Today I took the old B/W tranny out. Took the doors off, seats out. etc... Gave everything a bath with hot soapy water.\

    Now to figure out how to use the 727 tranny. It was in a 2wd truck. Guessing I need to remove the tailshaft and go from there. I'll have to research the options.

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  7. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    Was going through my stash to see what parts I have for the build.

    I found a Hydro boost system.
    Set of SII axles from a 76 Terra.
    3 speed tranny still attached to a D20 from the same Terra.
    Steering box from a SII.
    A compressor and mounts for OBA.
    A power steering pump and mounts.
    new 1" Body lift kit. Came from Scout Madness IIRC.
    Also found a new wiring kit (8 fuses).
    a set of 4 YJ springs.
    Unused gallon of U-pol Raptor black bed liner.

    A D60 rear, and a D44 front w/4.10's. Pass side drop...

    I'm getting a feel for what I want to accomplish.
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  8. db1115

    db1115 High Wheeler

    Very cool Eric. Thanks for sharing. Will you be going SOA or SUA?
  9. Comanche Scott

    Comanche Scott High Wheeler

    Very cool!
    This should be a fun build.
    I'm with everyone else on here. The door logos would be awesome if you can save them! :)
    Will look forward to watching your progress. :rockon:
  10. ziggybock

    ziggybock Farmall Cub

    Looks like a great starting place Eric! I am voting for your alter ego and going a little more extreme, especially with the components from your parts stash.
    You wouldn't happen to have two good rear quarter panels off the same Terra would ya??:D:D

    As for the doors, they are not doing much for me. Tube doors would be first on my list before anything else. Maybe a little maroon paint....
  11. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    I just found an new 1" Body lift kit. Came from Scout Madness IIRC.
    Also found a new wiring kit 8 fuses.
    a set of 4 YJ springs.
    Unused gallon of U-pol Raptor black bed liner.

    No rear quarters, sorry! As for the door logo... I don't see how to save it when I repaint.
    I love Maroon, but a color change would be beyond my patience.
  12. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    I'm undecided still. I'm really wanting to go SOA using the YJ springs, but I don't think the front ones will hold up to the weight. I'm still sorting through my options. Since I have two other rock crawlers, I'm not so sure I need a third one. The other two are CJ's, so I could stand to part with one.
  13. Mitch Neal

    Mitch Neal High Wheeler

    Keep the Jeeps as the rockcrawlers. They are easy to replace!:D Do a nice resto-mod on this and drive around town and be the envy of all of the people that have those easy to replace Jeeps!:yes:
  14. db1115

    db1115 High Wheeler

    Take some high resolution pics and measurements of the door decal. Then send it to Mike Moore to make reproductions. :D

    I would probably agree on the YJ springs especially with a V-8. Are the NOS 800 springs you have V-8 springs?
  15. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    I'll have to dig them out and run the part numbers. I can't remember exactly what I have.
    I'll check them out tonight.
  16. Tres03

    Tres03 Binder Driver

    If you want to use the YJ springs, use an add a leaf with it in the front. That will help with the added weight of the V8. I like the YJ springs, they flex really nice. also they are 2.5" wide vs. the 80/800 springs being only 1.75" wide. Fewer leafs in the YJ springs should make it ride better too. I have a set on my scout 80 and I will run a set on my 800 when I go to do it next year. Mocha mike is also running a set of YJ springs.
  17. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    Ok, good news then A SOA with YJ springs should work nicely.
  18. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    Looking more and more like I will have to use the Borg Warner Auto tranny that originaly came in the truck.

    Deciding factor is I'm not having any luck finding all the parts I need to convert this to a manual tranny. I do have a 3 speed/D20 out of a SII, but no pedals or linkage.

    If I use the B/W, I'm missing a torque converter. I posted in the wanted adds to see if they are around.

    Still have not verified if the 800 pedals from a 4 cyl. will adapt to the V8 800B. I plan to look into that this week end. Unless someone has the OEM setup...
  19. db1115

    db1115 High Wheeler

    Ive got you covered on the pedals if thats the way you want to go. Edward is dying to see more of the country. I'll get you some pics this weekend.
  20. BioTex

    BioTex High Wheeler

    Totaly awesome! I just went out and looked. I have all the needed Scout II parts needed to convert except the pedals and linkage. No more back and forth... I'm going to go manual tranny. with S II axles and springs.

    So with db1115's help, I'll be converting. Now on to removing the tub. Ugh!:taz:

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