1970 Travelette - is this a stock paint job?

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Truckee530, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Truckee530

    Truckee530 Farmall Cub

    This is a 1970 Travelette 4x4, I know at one point it works at a lumber mill. A guy at a gas station once said he thought it was a former navy truck. It seems like it follows the Rallye style but thought I would bounce it off the IH gods for advice.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. jeff campbell

    jeff campbell Lives in an IH Dealership

    i would imagine not a factory job.i believe someone repainted it/nota bad looking truck tho/?jeff
  3. stroker3

    stroker3 Binder Driver

    Most 69-75 full size p/u factory two tones would have been lower body/roof or full body/white side panel or wood grain within trim . I believe the 69-70 factory grill had two versions. White or chrome. Never saw a factory blue grill or a blue that shade on a fullsize.

    With IH there's always exceptions perhaps with special orders/ rare versions or fleet buys but that one's been painted over. As mentioned a nice solid looking truck.
  4. J.J.

    J.J. High Wheeler

    Nice truck. I don't think it is a stock paint scheme. If the white is stock, the roof would maybe have been black. Two tone was an option level. It looks like it doesn't have the chrome that would have matched the option level either.

    JJ in TN
  5. nealo'co37

    nealo'co37 Farmall Cub

  6. RobertC

    RobertC Binder Driver

    Doubt it, especially if it was a Navy truck.

    Check the Line Setting Ticket

    Check the back of the glove box (flip it all the way open; past the spring clips). There might still be a "minature" version of the LST taped to the back.

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