1967 Travelall clutch parts? (Maybe Loadstar?)

Discussion in 'General IH Tech' started by Carl Howard, May 18, 2011.

  1. Carl Howard

    Carl Howard Farmall Cub

    I'm looking for a new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder or the rebuild kits. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Loadstar's use the same Master cylinder/slave cylinder as the light line or if they would interchange. I might be able to get loadstar parts easier than the light line. Anyone have any information on these parts? PN# etct.

  2. Korllach

    Korllach Farmall Cub

    I was able to source the clutch slave from NAPA I belive. You may have to look under the pickups or so but it can be had.

    For the Master, I was able to get one from Mike at IHO. He was super helpful about making sure I had the right part etc etc.

    I am pretty sure I went over the clutch issues here http://www.ihonlynorth.com/forums/readers-rides/4359-67-1200b-lots-large-photos.html

    if not, there may be a separate thread in the Clutch section of the IHON website.

    Here is the link for the slave cylinder
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  3. heff

    heff Farmall Cub

    there are a lot of kits that will work, just do some searching on ebay for things like a gm single circuit rebuild kit. The cups and springs are the same for Delco units.
    You can buy new slave cylinders from napa, along with some other chain stores, if the bore in yours is shot.
    Sometimes you can just get new cups, but make sure the the one for the clutch side is a deep cup, otherwise you'll never get it bled properly...ask me how i know.
  4. Carl Howard

    Carl Howard Farmall Cub

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the information. I will post up my solution. I'm still wondering though if the same vintage loadstars use the same parts. It would be nice to know and would increase the options for everyone.

  5. Doc Stewart

    Doc Stewart Content Team Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, the Loadstars use the same parts.
  6. Carl Howard

    Carl Howard Farmall Cub

    Thanks Doc !!

  7. Carl Howard

    Carl Howard Farmall Cub

    Well here's what I came up with. I ordered all the parts from Rock Auto. I'm waiting to get them and will post the results. I ordered 1 new slave cylinder. it's a Wagner unit. I did this just in case my core won't take a rebuild kit. The bore in it looks pretty pitted even after honing. Part #'s and prices minus shipping charge listed below.

    Wagner SC54698 clutch slave cylinder $ 44.79

    Dorman CMK35433 Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit $ 9.72

    Dorman CSK33163 Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair Kit $ 11.15

    They didn't list the repair kits in the part look up for a 1967 1200 but the slave cylinder was there. I found the repair kits under 1967 908B they stated they were for 1/2 ton application. They both have the same 1" cylinder bore and the pictures look identical to what came out of the guts of my original master and slave. I have the old cores honed and waiting for the parts to install. Hopefully I'll be good to go. I also found a New Clutch Master Cylinder at Travelall Parts.com It was priced at $179.00 If my original Master Cylinder turns out bad after honing and adding the rebuild kit I might consider the new unit but as of now it's wait and see.

  8. Carl Howard

    Carl Howard Farmall Cub

    I got the parts from Rock Auto, minus the slave cylinder repair kit. It was out of stock. I used the new slave cylinder and the master cylinder rebuild kit. The slave cylinder mounting ears were different than the original IH unit but a few washers solved the mounting problem.

    I could not get the system to bleed. I tried for hours. after sleeping on it I decided to get as much fluid into the system as I could.

    I had bench bled the master cylinder before installing. I hooked a comealong to the clutch linkage arm at the bell housing and engaged the clutch with the slave cylinder push rod in place. I then removed the slave cylinder bleeder valve and shot some air into it... to seat the slave cylinder piston downward onto the linkage rod. ThenI took a syringe with no needle on it and shot brake fluid into the hard line that attaches to the master cylinder until I got a steady stream of fluid coming from the slave cylinder bleeder. Then I tightened up the bleeder and re attached the hard line to the master cylinder. It worked great with no further bleeding required.

    I have driven it several hundred miles now with flawless operation.

    I hope this method will help someone.

  9. Bill Worden

    Bill Worden Binder Driver

    Carl, make sure the slave is shimmed out to be inline with the lever. The PO had failed to do this on mine and the side thrust polished away the piston until it failed and the brake fluid looked like silver paint.
  10. Carl Howard

    Carl Howard Farmall Cub

    Thanks for the tip Bill. I'll double check that. I'm pretty sure it is inline correctly but I will go have a look see.


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