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Mar 18, 2018
Mar 6, 2001
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Mar 21, 1968 (Age: 52)
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Loveland, CO
Farm equipment sales

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Will Marsh

Moderator, 52, from Loveland, CO

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Mar 18, 2018
    1. John Livy
      John Livy
      Hello Will,
      I am hoping you can help me with some questions on emissions in CO (Longmont) on a '79 that just arrived. You pop up in a number of threads regarding the issue. My entire system been removed. Curious on mods I can get away with, like a Holley 2300 (80350), what is necessary, where to go, etc. If you have time I'd greatly appreciate a chance to pick your brain. Thank you! - Livy
    2. TomHansen
      Hi Will,

      Roy Ireland suggested I contact you. I am planning on going to the RMIHR but need to leave my scout and trailer with someone from the afternoon of July 2nd to the Morning of July 4th as I must go to Colo Springs during that timeframe. Can you help me or suggest someone else? Thank you....Tom Hansen
    3. jeff campbell
      jeff campbell
      thank you will, ( jeff.limaohio@gmail.com )
    4. 61_C-120
      I wanted to ask you about the appropriateness of posting several original International Harvester "Part Number Service C-Series" detail pages to the board. Specifically these have really good detail part numbers and diagrams for the early 3/4 ton pickups. I don't know if there is any copy write issues but thought that you could weigh in on this one and let me know if you thought it would be OK.
      Thanks in advance,
    5. joeyscout1967
      Awesome, Thanks for the help...Looks like I need to do a head gasket job too. Should be fun.
    6. joeyscout1967
      I seen your name on the Carb thread and was wondering if you could help me out.... I have a 67 800 and need to clean my Carb. I called Napa and asked for a kit but he needed a number off the carb but the only thing I could find on there was Holley. I searched around BinderBooks and found out that it could be a Holley 1904 OEM but I don't know for sure. Any idea how I could confirm this? Thanks for any help you can give.
    7. rusty
      Saw this today. There is no such thing, that's the whole idea of a Wiki.

      It just keeps growing.

      Eventually most of the stuff in the old FAQ will end up there. It's a matter of finding time to do it. A good portion of the easy stuff is already there. Most of what's left has old HTML formatting that has to be hand edited out before it appears correctly in the new Wiki. In some cases Hundreds of tags in a single post that have to be deleted one tag at a time. And there are some others that we can't post due to copyright issues.

      But like Stuart's post, if you ask for something that is there, I'll find it and get it posted when I have a chance.


      Will Marsh

      If you're still working on it and can send me the source files I can write a script to strip out the tags.

      Let me know. I'd be happy to help.
    8. Architectdave
      will any chance your reverse shackle will make the wiki soon?
    9. Trukker
      Who would be the correct person to see about changing my handle from KDHansen to "Trukker" without the quotes of course.
    10. WesV
      I do now Will. I was able to sign in before, but not do anything else. I could see I had a message from you, but couldn't view it or respond to it.
    11. Aaron Parrott
      Aaron Parrott
      Hey Will, how have you been?
    12. ihscoutlover
    13. jbus725
      will,new to this site and new to scout,have bought a 1979 scout with a 345 auto 4x4.who would be a good person to contact about different thing that i need to do.
      thanks john
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    Mar 21, 1968 (Age: 52)
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    Loveland, CO
    Farm equipment sales
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    Racing, Binders, Racing Binders, Fishing (for Real fish, Trout need not apply!) and Hunting.


    I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
    Bill Cosby


    Buy my wife's book (so I can buy more IH trucks! :) )
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