Stan Lazeski
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Jun 2, 2019
Feb 7, 2006
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Wellsburg, NY

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Stan Lazeski

Farmall Cub, from Wellsburg, NY

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Jun 2, 2019
    1. denubilo
      Stan. Have had a tough year been sick since Feb with a blood infection but am now back on the road. Can you send me pics and info on your trans and xfr case rebuild?
    2. jkwagon
      Stan, I cannot get the pic's of my wagon wheels to post. If you are still interested I cant email them to you.
    3. tonythejedi
      Hey Stan... I'm back in corning. Wondering if I could swing by in the next couple of days? Also, I need some advice on a some scout related problems I'm having. Gimme a shout if u get a sec. My parents number is 962.8478.
    4. tonythejedi
      NICE! I just got a lead from my brother today on a 76 scout II a buddy of his has on his land. Not sure the condition yet, but his grandfather used it to plow on the farm and then he took it over when his grandfather past.

      Hasnt been fired up in about 2 years, but he said the last time he moved it, she'd sat for over a year. He threw a battery in her and she fired right up. It has under 60,000 miles and still has the Original IH plow that came with it!

      I was just looking for a few little parts off of it... and Maybe storing the engine for a rainy day.

      My bro said, he saw it when it was raining so he couldn't really check it out, but the frame looked solid. I haven't talked to him about prices yet, but he seems like hes ready to move on from the sentimental value for a couple hundred bucks. Is it something you might be interested in? If so I'll take some pics when I go to check it out. I should be back home (corning) in about 2 weeks.

      I'll be sure to holler at you then!
    5. tonythejedi
      Hey Stan!!! how's it going? I never though I'd find you again...HAHA

      did you change your email? I've tried the one at but it keeps coming back undelivered and I dont have your phone number:(

      I was home for 3 weeks during nationals wrenchin with my brother... I got alot done, but wished I could have been done sooner for the show.

      New exhaust, windshield wipers, spark plugs, ripped up all the carpeting, welded up the bed. Right now, it's getting new floors and body mounts put in... they were gone!!! I'll be back up in a few weeks when its done to finish her off. New bushings, 1'' lift, new springs and brakes, possible new tires, I'll have to see... I'll bring it over when I'm finished and I'll bring my bro too. I've been telling him about it for years now.

      How were the Nationals? got any pics?

      take it easy! good to hear from you! I had no idea about this place... is it done by the same people as binder bulletin? crazy!

      See ya

    6. Jimbo62
      Sorry I don't get much time on the computer, so if my responces are few and far apart, you'll understand. I am doin a '62 scout"80" and I've learned the rule of 5. Five years, five vehicles, and five grand in cash, you will probally have a scout. Thanks for the info, and in the future we'll be in touch. PS, the top sold in a week!! To a guy in Pittsburgh, Dustin.
      Thanks, Jim
      PPS, Take pics, when I'm done I'm gonna set myself up a website for the the whole build, and yes, frame off just like you. Just picked up the sandblasted and etch-primed tub yesterday!!!! Looks sweet!!!!
    7. Eric V Bielke
      Eric V Bielke
      Stan any plans for 12/27 Eric
    8. afewing
      Stan, Can you send me a phone number?? I would like to talk to you about the auto 304. I am in Syracuse. Thanks, Alex
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      looks like a Hepbard shop mule, made by Hepbard from various IH components. A nice piece to show, small size and not that common.
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