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Jun 13, 2019
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Dec 19, 1964 (Age: 54)

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Old Yeller

Farmall Cub, Male, 54

Introducing Old Yeller Jun 13, 2019

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      Old Yeller
      Introducing Old Yeller
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    Dec 19, 1964 (Age: 54)
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    Hello! Thought I would join this forum to not only build a Scout but to build relationships with folks that appreciate neat old rides.
    My name is Dan and my wife’s name is Tosha.
    My wife and I purchased a 1973 Scout ii two years ago and the rebuild is going very slowly. I wanted to buy an old beater pickup to fix up for hunting, fishing, camping and hauling purposes during this endeavor my wife mentioned that she grew up with an IH Scout. Let’s find an old scout for the job she said and I said, I like the sounds of that!
    We found our 1973 Scout ii at a pawn shop of all places, when I spotted it I had to stop and take a look. I talked with the pawn shop owner and he told me that it was indeed for sale “as is” . He mentioned that the engine was rebuilt but never fired ( carb, distributor, radiator and such still needed rebuilt). I pulled the valve covers and it was fresh under the sheet metal so I have to believe it indeed was rebuilt. I didn’t think we were in a position to buy it at the time so I didn’t mention it to my wife. One year later Tosha asked me if I still wanted to buy a Scout to fix up? I had to tell her that I found one a year ago but didn’t say anything about it. “What”!!! You found one a year ago and didn’t tell me? “Let’s go see if it is still there”!
    We drove to the pawn shop and there it was. We looked it over together and she said “ we need to rescue this truck”. We went inside and I let my negotiator do the talking and she bought us a Scout!
    This is our story and we are looking forward to getting this beast on the road. We will need a lot of help from all of you to help us with lots of questions during this process. In closing I hope to make friends and acquaintances along the way.
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